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zitoun & rüger - quality of life through good time management
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blog naturheilzentrum bottrop - forest gastronomy: all about family tradition, preserving values, and ‘the old forester’s house’

quality of life through good time management? a look behind the scenes

time is relative. where better could you discover this than in everyday life? weeks creep by like years when you’re waiting for your longed-for vacation, while hours rush by like seconds when you attempt to do too many tasks at the same time.

time also plays a big role in gastronomy. that's why i was delighted to have the opportunity to write this guest article for the nabo blog.

all about family traditions, preserving values, and ‘the old forester’s house’

a year full of innovations

my name is christoph lenko. at the beginning of 2016, my wife claudia and i took over our forsthaus specht (a restaurant whose name translates as ‘forester’s woodpecker house’) in bottrop from my parents. time has flown since then and we have been through a lot. made decisions, hired staff, cooked, baked, decorated and, above all, welcomed numerous guests.

the aim was to continue the traditions of the 300-year-old house, whilst, at the same time, evolving within the zeitgeist. that’s why we have rebuilt, renovated, bought new furniture and fixtures, and thus created a fresh interior and exterior appearance for everyone.

freedom to make your own decisions

time for ideas

that was a lot of work overall. there is little time here for extended vacations or breaks. however, as former employees, we now enjoy the freedom to make our own decisions as entrepreneurs and to contribute to an important industry.

the catering industry is one of the largest sectors in germany with a gross added value of almost 45 billion euros, as the german hotel and restaurant association, dehoga, calculated in a recent study.

joy and motivation to inspire others

when we then also see that the visitor numbers to our house have improved, and our rooms are more productively utilized, it provides us with the best motivation to stay on the ball and to get a little better every day.

murder-mystery dinners, the culinary calendar, summer parties, competitions - we have a lot of fun thinking of something new for our guests.

because time is valuable

above all, this includes good time management. we have 20 employees who want to be ideally placed to be able to meet all expectations. of course, we treat ourselves to one break or another. after all, it would not help anyone if we were absent for extended periods due to health reasons.

a forester’s house for all occasions

it was a special moment when our forester’s house served as a backdrop for naturheilzentrum bottrop. the two youtubers and naturopaths farid zitoun & christian rüger made a film about some healthy time-out with forest bathing (japanese ‘shinrin-yoku’). the video can now be viewed here:

for us, this is pure health promotion in the greenest city of the ruhr metropolis. my wife and i are still enthralled by the symbiosis of good nutrition, health from nature, great tips from alternative-medicine and the old forester’s house. we now think that shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) is just great because it does you good, it’s healthy, and it’s fun.

enjoy your time

our facebook presence has become something of a diary. when we look through our posts, we can once again check what was going on in our house over the course of time.

enjoy the time - enjoy your time

we communicate constantly with our customers here and inform them about upcoming interesting and exciting events. we integrate the time for this into our daily operations.

healthy time management is important

by the way: the bottrop-based naturopaths zitoun & rüger also make use of their information skills via social media channels. thus, they currently have a new nabomade® video clip with five simple tips that they’ve learned from experience on the topic of health and time management. it is entitled "no time for burnout".

nabomade vlog: informative skills impart healthy time management

planning our time properly and meaningfully can also benefit our employees these days. on that note, I wish you well – and you are also welcome to pay a relaxing visit to forsthaus specht in bottrop ( i wholeheartedly invite you to drop by. naturally, in connection with a extensive forest walk afterwards. ultimately, you should heed great advice when it’s given to you. ;-)

about the author

gastautor christoph lenko

guest author christoph lenko

...the trained hotel specialist runs the traditional restaurant ‘forsthaus specht’ with his wife, claudia. he has been passionately assisting his parents’ business since childhood. he met his future wife while working at düsseldorf’s hilton hotel. ‘steadfastness with a breath of fresh air’ are their maxims. since the takeover, the vision of current owner of the family business has therefore been to appeal to a younger audience, whilst also preserving old values. the farmhouse parlor, winter garden, and a large outdoor terrace invite you to enjoy healthy dishes and homemade cake. the restaurant has ranked among bottrop’s top gastronomic establishments for decades.

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