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bottrop news: naturheilzentrum bottrop once again accepts the city-cycling challenge

the bottropers, farid zitoun and christian rüger, are among the main promoters of the “klimabündnis” campaign (climate alliance) again - the project to reduce co2 emissions in the ruhr area.

in 2015 the ruhr metropolis once again shows its colors. 14 cities of the ruhr district have already signaled that they will join this year's edition of the city-cycling event. the starting signal for this germany-wide climate protection project will be given on may 11. for 21 days, it's all about consciously using the bike. for the daily commute to the office, in one's free time or during vacation. every kilometer counts.

bottrop is taking part in this event for the third time. carina tamoschus from the city's department of environment and nature is coordinating the event on site and acts as a point of contact for anybody who has questions regarding the project, wishes to support the 2015 city-cycling event, and for those who wish to sign up at short notice.

both naturopaths, farid zitoun and christian rüger, as well as the team of naturheilzentrum bottrop have already marked the day of the event red in their calendars. as in the previous year, nabo is one of the committed main promoters of the nationwide climate event, and one of the most successful participants of the city-cycling event can enjoy a health check at nabo as a reward. but of course, the two practitioners of complementary medicine and their team themselves enthusiastically pedal for their city, their region and, last but not least, because it's healthy. “cycling is a great thing,” says christian rüger. regular physical exercise promotes bodily health. “if you do that on a bicycle, you're doing so in a way that is very joint-friendly. “

stadtradeln bottrop freut sich über die unterstützung aus der gesundheitsinstitution naturheilzentrum

farid zitoun uses every sportive opportunity for body fitness. “this is really possible and you can also do that when you're cycling,” the naturopath knows. “the city-cycling event is beneficial for one’s Personal health and, moreover, this effort contributes towards a better climate.” and the healer is right in saying that. the results of the previous year also prove this, and they convey a clear message. 285 bottropers swapped the car seat for a saddle and, together, they pedaled a distance totaling 59,952 km, saving 8,633.2 kg of carbon dioxide.

“it would be super if we were able to once again exceed these results this year,” say farid zitoun and christian rüger, trying to recruit more active supporters. you can sign up at the bottrop city hall at the department of environment and nature via email or telephone.

in any case, potential participants might already want to make a note of may 26, when bottropers and gladbeckers jointly mount their bicycles. the two neighboring cities have joined forces in the preparation and organization of the city-cycling event. lord mayor, bernd tischler, and his gladbeck fellow mayor, ulrich roland, are inviting People to the bicycle tour on may 26 and hope for a high turnout. registration for the event is possible as of now.

for farid zitoun and christian rüger, being a part of the city-cycling event 2015 and getting active themselves is a matter of course. “our hearts beat for the ruhr metropolis,” they explain. promoting it, helping it advance, with commitment and a fair amount of initiative, that is exactly their thing. “last year, the ruhr region ranked first in the whole nation, in the contest of the regions, with a total of 979,583 pedaled kilometers,” says christian rüger. this shows how active the cities of the ruhr area are on two wheels. “and bottrop is a high-ranking player with many convinced participants,” the two practitioners of natural medicine happily announce, and they are pleased that the idea of combining climate protection and preventive healthcare works out so well.

contact: carina tamoschus, city of bottrop, department of environment and nature telephone: +49 (0) 2041 703807 email:


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