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charity | herzensangelegenheit
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charity | a matter of the heart

a Personal matter of the heart to farid zitoun. honorary member. for many years. initiator and networker. charity commitment beyond the usual boundaries. not just small actions with a great effect. networking of friends and partners among each other. bottrop resident farid zitoun is committed privately and Personally. for chronically ill children and their families. for amélie e.v. - the outstanding association. it helps where the healthcare system stops!

the press reports about amélie e.v. board meeting in the health region bottrop. in response to an invitation from the city of bottrop. an article in westdeutsche allgemeine zeitung (general newspaper for western germany) on amélie e.v. on plans and ideas. among other things, the relaunch of the website and using social media. “that is social commitment from the heart of the ruhr metropolis,” says farid zitoun.

press article in waz (westdeutsche allgemeine zeitung)

at amélie, People twitter

association agrees on new social media strategy at board meeting in bottrop

the nation-wide active association 'amélie' strives to tread new ways. that was announced at the 12th board meeting in bottrop. the association, which supports chronically ill children, wants to, above all, utilize new ways of communication to achieve a higher level of attention. the website is to be overhauled in the coming year. additionally, the setup of a social media concept is planned for the social networks of twitter and facebook.

“we would like to say thank you for the invitation of the beautiful city of bottrop with regard to our board meeting. we were able to use the facilities of gründer- und technlologiezentrum arenberg free of charge.“


“that paved the way for the meeting which involved parties from various federal states,” said chairwoman, karin hainke. “the city of bottrop and the health culture in this region are remarkable. our naturopathic counselors, farid zitoun and christian rüger, of naturheilzentrum bottrop support us with their ideas and new contacts for the realization of our targets and projects for the year 2011!” the association, amélie e.v., has made it its mission to financially support chronically ill children who have got into financial trouble with their families due to their physical, psychological or mental condition – especially for therapeutically sensible measures within the healthcare system.

source: waz, 8 december 2010

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