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cow cuddling - the animal-assisted therapy with humor and a great deal of feeling

do you sometimes wish you could swim with dolphins in the south seas? or are you waiting for your health insurance company to approve hippotherapy for you or your child? sometimes the dreams and hopes of healthy and sick People are not that far apart. just as the staff of naturheilzentrum bottrop are always anxious to balance health and sickness in the body.

healing, helping, and heartiness

the naturheilzentrum bottrop team has become aware of a new way of using nature’s health-promoting forces for their own benefit in the never-ending search for curative treatments and fortifying everyday aids. thanks to burkhard sagel, the wonderful farmer with a big heart, the colleagues got to know about cow cuddling.

something funny goes viral

but before i explain to you what cow cuddling is about, i would like to briefly introduce myself. my name is stefanie moers. i am a blogger and i work as a freelance media consultant. my path has crossed with that of farid zitoun and christian rüger on a number of occasions. when they asked me if i would like to actively support naturheilzentrum bottrop, i thought “what a question!” and, of course, i accepted immediately. when have you ever had clients as media-conscious as these two naturopaths who are completely on the same wavelength with regard to their healing methods as well as in respect of digital People networking with the latest technologies? and who can laugh at themselves and with others, making social media with both of them a lot of fun? but now onto cow cuddling.

dogs awaken memories, horses strengthen physical feeling

animal-assisted therapy can bring about great progress for many health problems, as the staff of naturheilzentrum bottrop know from their daily practice. in the case of mental, neurological or psychological disorders, many convincing results have already been achieved with the help of animals. four-footed therapists such as a dog, cat or horse can be valuable helpers, even with dementia and other brain disorders, as we have already described in a previous blog post.

animals promote good moods

"if you stroke an animal, the amount of the oxytocin hormone increases," farid zitoun explains to me. "oxytocin is a feelgood hormone. it reduces stress hormones such as adrenaline or cortisol," adds christian rüger. the result: you relax. even the mind benefits from cuddling and stroking. anxiety, depressive moods and aggression are reduced through this alternative medical-treatment method.


outdoors with animals, what could be healthier?

cow cuddling combines the desire of many People to spend more time amongst nature with the possibility of getting to know one of mankind’s oldest pets. after all, we all know about cows on the pasture, but what do we really know about these beautiful animals with their shining eyes?

land, air, and loving creatures

the naturheilzentrum bottrop team therefore swapped the practice rooms for a cow pasture for three days. the nabo crew was out in the fresh air of the countryside for you, and is now on familiar terms with the cows. because cows have their own language, as farmer sagel explained. farid zitoun and christian rüger illuminate this in more detail in the following youtube video. by the way, it’s best if you subscribe directly to the youtube channel because new and funny videos appear here regularly from the world of healing therapy.


gentle colossus, cuddly giants

the reason why cows are particularly suited to cuddling and, in addition to lamas or dolphins, are also suitable for animal-assisted therapy, is due to their very nature. the basic tempo of these ruminants, which weigh up to 600 kilograms each, is significantly slower than that of HumanS. if you've ever lain in the hay, felt the heat of the warm animal body beside you, and listened to the sound of good-natured ruminants with your eyes closed, you will quickly want to repeat the experience.


complementary convalescence

"of course, cow cuddling doesn’t replace therapy," clarifies farid zitoun in response to my question, but intense contact with the gentle four-legged creatures relaxes you. regardless of whether it’s a manager or a child, animal lovers or People, who approach these imposing farm animals with clear respect. this is stress-relief in a whole new way. "natural and with a big fun factor", is the final judgment of the complementary-medicine practitioners.

cow cuddling on the internet

those who now want to go on a cuddling course with a black-pied, country-dwelling or holstein cow will find providers on the internet under the keywords “cow cuddling”. the nabo team went to the sagel farm in bottrop-kirchhellen (info at: for their excursion. the staff were able to intensively familiarize themselves with cow language and cow cuddling here, and are now absolute, enthusiastic fans of cow-cuddling.

i must confess that i had never heard of the cow cuddling before my new customers made their request. but from now on, i can’t pass by a cow meadow, without peering through a gap in the fence. perhaps there will be a wonderful and stress-relieving encounter with an animal when i next go hiking. i'm already looking forward to it.

in the near future, i might tell you what the legend of cow tipping is all about. incidentally, it has nothing to do with animal-assisted therapy ;-).

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