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electro detox – holidays in offline mode – pure luxury and a balm for the soul

christian rüger blogs on the topic of how smartphones & co can impact our moments of regeneration and thus our vacation

the bottrop-based naturopath christian rüger from naturheilzentrum knows how the most beautiful weeks of the year can become a totally new experience in maximizing our health. vacation without mobile gadgets? for most of us, that’s almost unimaginable today, since according to various online studies even one out of every two employees checks their emails on vacation. but they’re not happy about it: there’s always the feeling that one really is missing something when one’s constantly fooling around with a cell phone. can this be healthy?

do i really have to be reachable all the time?

“do you have your laptop with you?” -  so goes one of the first questions you will hear at the airport when you pass through security. many of the travellers have one with them. and of course a smartphone or a tablet, too. for how else could we possibly stay in touch with family and friends when we’re on vacation? how else would info about the vacation house, the evening buffet or the nice family that we met at the pool in the afternoon make it back home immediately and in crystal clear picture quality? and what about all the news from the worlds of health, politics, sports or business that would never even reach us during our days off?

truly tuning out for a change - vacation without internet

they would just pass us by, they wouldn’t even intersect with our lives at that moment. but especially just this once to be unreachable, to make an entirely conscious decision to go offline, that would significantly increase the enjoyment of vacation for many People. to relax through tuning out. not only in your head. we don’t have to be available around the clock. and especially not while we’re on vacation. and if at all, then only for those that we’re travelling with. does that sound too old school to you? maybe it is. but it’s also a totally new form of exoticism. pure luxury. why not just go ahead and try it sometime?

naturheilzentrum bottrop: urlaub im offline modus - balsam für die seele

to ensure that your summer vacation is a truly enjoyable one, here are three little tips from your naturopathy practice to turn the most beautiful weeks of the year into the relaxation experience of a lifetime

  1. good planning is half the battle

    for me this means above all: avoid last-minute cramming. we can’t get our vacation off to a good start when we’re busy with the preparation up until the last second. both in our professional and private lives. stress and feeling rushed are pre-programmed. my tip: where possible, i usually treat myself to two days off as a “buffer” before i start my trip. i always think ahead as far as my first-aid and travel medicine kit is concerned. as depending on where i’m headed, i may have to do some research ahead of time. then i can proceed in a relaxed manner. a packing list is also sure to make packing your luggage problem-free as well.

  1. consciously creating contrasts  

    opposites attract, as the saying goes. and it’s true, at least as far as vacation is concerned. your days off should represent a conscious contrasting alternative program to your work life. a break, a real time out. therefore, it is not very advisable to keep on going exactly where you left off at work. chilling out instead of powering on. at least for the first couple of days. then you can go ahead and add more action. my tip: establish a framework ahead of time and then see what you find when you get to your destination, see where you can spontaneously fine-tune your plan. have fun trying things out!

  1. realistic expectations

    those who take too much baggage on the flight with them have to pay extra. “excess baggage” is also to be avoided when it comes to vacation expectations. if you’re totally burned out from work, you can’t hope to be able to switch right into relaxation mode immediately as soon as you arrive at your vacation destination. you have to cultivate a healthy sense of realism. in the worst case, even three or four weeks of downtime may not be enough to recover from the everyday stress that’s accumulated. to not be caught completely off guard in spite of having had a vacation, you should take a closer look, put your whole work situation under the microscope. not necessarily when you’re on vacation, though. you’re allowed to have (and indeed you should have) other things on your mind there. but after you return. what kind of changes are necessary (and of course possible) to prevent stress from making you sick? because unfortunately one or two weeks of doing nothing is rarely enough to heal these kinds of symptoms.

bottroper naturheilzentrum aktuell: tipps aus der natusheilpraxis für die schönsten wochen des jahres

now put your hand on your heart – can you go without your mobile completely while you’re on vacation? or what are your best experiences where you really managed to tune out for a while?


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christian rüger

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