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wir helfen tom
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exemplary campaign by naturheilzentrum

aid across the federal states

charity non-profit foundation organizes a charity event upon learning of the problems and worries of the family. the planning meeting took place under the auspices of mayor rolf claußen and support by farid zitoun. “this is about a true wittmund boy. we are wittmund – that is especially true in such a situation,” harlinger tageszeitung, a local newspaper, quotes mayor, rolf claußen. this is a lighthouse project with a radiating effect,” adds the healer, farid zitoun, during his visit in lower-saxony.

for little tom | aid that reaches its destination directly

little tom is regarded “incurable by conventional medicine” since his drowning accident. but his parents left no stone unturned in their search for sensible measures like physiotherapies and dolphin therapy.

however, it was only after the best-practice concept nabomed®, that real and provable successes could be recorded. successes that his therapist, nurses and doctors in charge can confirm.

wittmund | a remarkable city with People that make their weight felt

apart from the sponsoring promoters, sponsors “sparkasse leerwittmund”, a local bank, and “anzeiger für harlingerland” a local newspaper, as well as other local companies offered their help. this charitable event receives great support for the implementation and realization across the german federal states, from bavaria-based association, amelie e.v., which supports chronically ill children.

marinemusikkorps, the military band of the german navy agreed beforehand to make this charitable event for this extraordinarily good cause an absolute pleasure from a musical perspective.

charity gala “we help tom” | wittmund city hall | tuesday november 29, 2011︱18.30h

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