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naturheilzentrum bottrop
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farid zitoun & christian rüger experience many joyful moments working at the naturheilzentrum bottrop

“a mission that requires effort, but one which also gives us so much in return“

it smells like cinnamon and pine wood. handmade cookies invite you to come and try them and the atmosphere in the lounge of the bottrop-based naturheilzentrum is a very special one. People have fun, laugh, and have a good time together. christmas at  nabo (short for naturheilzentrum bottrop). “a merry time”, the staff of the alternative medical center say. People, patients and their relatives are more open. “open to a warm conversation, to a gentle touch. you can just feel that christmas is coming up.“because it's authentic, it comes from the heart. “and because the upcoming holidays, christmas and new year’s day, make us pause and reflect. despite the appointments, the hecticness that surrounds us these days“, the alternative practitioner, christian rüger says. it’s a time to look back, know where you are and maybe make adjustments, if balance is needed. “inside us and in the relations with the People close to us.“

trusting the powers hidden inside us

we need to look at the future with optimism, trust the powers hidden inside us. “powers that we can activate and strengthen so they can work for our health and keep us healthy“, adds the alternative practitioner, farid zitoun. without forgetting the past, though, in this case the past twelve months. “2015 has been a special year for us at nabo. a year full of encounters with special People. full of beautiful moments we will never forget. some bad moments where there too, but the nice ones prevail and give hope to all the People who work here.“ it's the many small miracles from which we at nabo get the strength to work even harder. “when a child, who has been living in his/her own world, a world we could not reach, smiles at you: that is an incredibly joyful moment”, describes farid zitoun. for christian rüger, the numerous impressive encounters with the patients' families make 2015 a special year. “each and every single step that takes their beloved relatives back to life - almost invisible to other People - makes them so thankful, empowers them, and helps them to go on.“ to be part of this, to be there at every patients' step, to work with a team that makes the most from the possibilities they have, together with the patients and their families: this is an important mission. “a mission that requires efforts but that also gives you so much in return.“

heilpraktiker im ruhrgebiet - farid zitoun & christian rüger

zitoun & rüger – two true ruhr district citizens

the naturheilzentrum bottrop and the ruhr area – two elements one can hardly be separated from one another. farid zitoun und christian rüger, with their healthcare center have been based at the heart of the town hall district for many years now. a conscious decision. “the ruhr area is and has always been the driving force of germany. it's the home of innovation and progress.“ inside of the modern outpatient clinic and patient rooms you can also find signs of the industrial culture which characterizes our region. “it is an important part of our history. the history of the People living between the rivers rhine and the ruhr.“ both alternative practitioners are “ruhries” to the core, they live and work in the ruhr metropolis and are committed to its development. it is a tangible commitment, ruhr area style. for the two founders of the naturheilzentrum bottrop, health promotion also means more aimed promotion and support of, among other things, football clubs in their town. through the sponsorship and the loud cheering up “their” team from the sideline. “whenever we have time for it”, says the passionate sportsman, farid zitoun. he Personally participated in the charity run “bottrop, get moving 2015”, too, together with many other participants, running towards a new record for the benefit of hospice care in bottrop.

commitment for region and People – more than a matter of the heart

“it has always been important for us to be able to pass on to People a little part of the things that make us happy“, says farid zitoun. the participation in the annual charity run in his hometown is one of those things. he is on the track Personally and, on behalf of the naturheilzentrum bottrop, has been a long-time sponsor of the charity run. “we have been on board right from the start. hospice care is a matter of the heart to us“, adds christian rüger. their participation for 2016 has already been confirmed, and farid zitoun already laces his running shoes to be well prepared for his athletic charity commitment in the early summer. the whole nabo team will participate in the 2016 city cycling event. being active for climate protection and their own health, this is not the first time the staff members take part in the city cycling campaign. “we have so much fun each time and it's surprising to see how often you could just avoid using your car. there are so many small streets you can discover by bike. if one just pays attention to them“, the other staff members are just as thrilled about this initiative, “it is going to be a very exciting 2016“. farid zitoun und christian rüger are sure that it will be a lucky year for everyone: it stands at the top of the lists of both directors of the naturheilzentrum. “we would like to do our part to reach these goals within the scope of our possibilities“, christian rüger explains. it is a strong conviction at nabo that happiness is the only thing than can grow bigger. “so that it can be divided into many parts and shared.“

bottoper naturheilzentrum - engagement ist hier selbstverständlich

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naturheilzentrum bottrop

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