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fit for fun print edition | music as a therapy | nalabo

in-depth relaxation

lifestyle and health style magazine fit for fun. current issue. in stores since yesterday. article “time for me”. report on nalabo quality time - vol 01. media presence. owing to its uniqueness. exceptional. the press is impressed.

background on nabo | music with an impact

the aspiration and history

music as a therapy. centuries-old medical history. egyptian priests and chinese tradition. musical sounds for healing. the knowledge on the healing power of music has been lost. “but there are various endeavors in science to reconstruct this knowledge and to make it therapeutically useable,” explain farid zitoun and christian rüger | naturheilzentrum bottrop. the different therapeutic approaches share one similarity: they refer to the inner organs or, more specifically, their functionality. “sounds can help remedy harmonic disturbances of the organ system, cure troubles and relieve pain!”

the result

extraordinary sonic experience. with a desired mainstream character. “because that was exactly our idea,” says farid zitoun. “we regularly play chill-out music à la café del mar in our lounge. the patients were thrilled. making music that appeals, touches and allows you to unwind, and music that serves as a prescription-free audible therapy at the same time. that was our aim.”

quality time is a sonic experience. a valuable contribution for work-life balance. the compositions have a clear effect. energies are amplified through tempo, beat, frequencies and rhythms. endorphins are released. a contribution to well-being. just relax. let go. unwind. colors and the effect they have are also integrated into the sounds.

natural balancing with all senses. with your eyes and ears – prescription-free, effective.

about the author

naturheilzentrum bottrop

naturheilzentrum bottrop

… an innovative health center, a place of relaxation, a naturopathic institution. a lot of heart and passionate commitment paired with specialist competency form the core of nabo. you can find good advice in the health blog with just one click: expert tips, info, and news from the world of alternative medicine. nothing is left out. practical knowledge with the goal of actively encouraging good health. patients aren’t the only ones to benefit from this. 

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