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gorgeous skin, beauty, and a healthy lifestyle: maintaining a tan through healthy eating

natural skin & sun protection

many People would describe themselves as sunbathers. the roads fill up with People as soon as the sun begins to shine. street cafés open their doors, lines form in front of ice-cream parlors, and parks are populated with walkers and children playing. most People’S moods lift when the sun shines. there should even be fewer traffic accidents, as aggression declines when the weather is good.

outdoor swimming pools and bathing lakes are also overcrowded in good weather. american researchers even suspect that regular sunbaths can be addictive in a similar way to drugs. in one animal study (, mice were regularly exposed to strong uv radiation over several weeks. as a result, the rodents released more endorphins - so-called happiness hormones and endogenous painkillers. if the effect of the endorphins was blocked by medication, the test animals would show real withdrawal symptoms.


good weather means good moods

it is an undisputed fact that good weather attracts us outside. for most People, this is less for reasons of physical dependency, and more for the purposes of looking for a like-minded, happy atmosphere and pleasant temperatures without rain. however, the sun’s uv radiation can be extremely harmful to our skin. we should therefore protect ourselves from direct sunlight, especially in the midday sun. many outdoor fans do this with long clothing or suntan lotion with a high sun protection factor.

by the way, my name is ouardia iftene. i often set an example with my colleagues at nabo when it comes to healthy lifestyle and well-being. i love my work, the People here, and have done so for over 14 years. here, at bottrop’s naturopathic practice, daily order is also an essential matter. both internally and externally, and in terms of therapy and joint activities. those who do not see a clear path will not be able to help others or remain healthy. it is a good feeling when you do important work and it is highly appreciated by the clients, the team, and the bosses. i am also a sunbather. as soon as the weather gets beautiful outside, it draws me out into the greenery to swim amongst nature. together with friends and family, we then undertake extensive excursions, cycling tours, and walks.

sun protection factor from your own garden

through my work at naturheilzentrum bottrop, i know that there is also another way to better protect your own skin from sunburn. "a daily intake of six milligrams of beta carotene and 15 milligrams of zinc over an extended period of time allows sun protection to be achieved from the inside," my colleague, the naturopath monika haase told me recently. this quantity can be achieved with 200 milliliters of tomato juice, two carrots or a portion of spinach daily. "in some People, this even gives a sun protection factor of up to level 4," explained my boss, christian rüger, in this context.

this build-up of natural sun protection from within takes its time, however. sufficient antioxidants, which can protect against the harmful consequences of uv radiation, will have only formed in the body after four to twelve weeks. moreover, these plant foods, which include, for example, red peppers, are said to have a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

protection against skin cancer

i have learned from the naturopath, farid zitoun, that the said vegetable varieties also contain the trace element zinc. i know that this chemical element also supports the defense function of the Human body because it absorbs the sun-induced free radicals and can thus also protect against skin cancer.

on our youtube channel, zitoun and rüger reveal the delicious ways in which sun protection can be eaten. i'm also there, by the way. snacking to prevent sunburn, you could say. this doesn’t just apply to vacation time. this very healthy diet can also be used to build up a good protective coat for the skin all year round. because uv rays also exist in the atmosphere when the weather is cloudy and burden our species. i therefore recommend sun protection snacks for the entire year. they are healthy and do the skin good.

what do you do for your skin, skin health, or for the skin in which you feel most comfortable? i am curious and look forward to your contributions.

you can also read the naturheilzentrum bottrop news - on the topic "our skin is like an elephant - dermatologists know: they forget nothing."

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