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farid zitoun und christian rüger - naturheilzentrum
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great pleasure in healthy eating

natuheilzentrum bottrop, adikids and sb productionare picking up speed

the bottrop "adikids" are already back from vacation. the service of the obesity association, germany (adipositas verband deutschland e.v.) has set a goal of giving obese children the joy and fun of dance and movement. the group members have regularly met again since the beginning of january in the playing area (spielraum) in bottrop, prosperstraße 71.

on tuesday 28 january at 17.30, there is a very special surprise waiting for them. farid zitoun and christian rüger, directors of naturheilzentrum bottrop (nabo) will stop by, along with jakob schneider of sb production. and they won’t come empty-handed. in addition to a donation check, they also have designed t-shirts for the kids.

the money is the proceeds of a charity evening in november 2013 which nabo had initiated. on the stage in the big playing area, the musical thriller was performed with great enthusiasm. "the typewriter" was a complete success and the audience was thrilled. the production team, actors and singers worked free-of-charge on this evening in favor of the "adikids."

the work of the bottrop group is to be supported with the money. "and we will keep our promise, together  with the kids, we will set up a project around the topic of healthy nutrition," says farid zitoun. the ingredients have already been fixed: in addition to dance and music,  it is to include playfully imparted information on nutrition.

carrots & co

on four tuesdays (january 28, february 18, march 4 and april 15) we are going to rock and dance in the playing room, like never before. in addition, the "adikids" will swing pans and ladles together with farid zitoun and christian rüger under the motto "carrots & co," to prove that healthy food in the kitchen can be really delicious. the two naturopaths have made it their mission to combine health and culture together. "so the sustainable character of the project is at heart," they explained. a recent survey in hamburg shows that such a commitment is becoming increasingly important. on behalf of a health insurance company, the forsa institute interviewed pediatricians nationwide. the results are alarming. 95 percent of the surveyed physicians found many health problems caused by obesity in primary school children between six and eight years old. unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and too much time on the computer or watching tv are the reasons for this development. the bottrop naturopaths know that "being fat does not only cause a lack of self-confidence, it makes children sick, too." diabetes, high blood  pressure, or joint problems may be the consequences.

lighthouse project

"the project participants will playfully enjoy a healthy diet and be shown how this can be achieved even at low cost. we are innovation city. since it cannot be that child poverty and malnutrition continue to increase," the health experts argue. with their commitment, farid zitoun and christian rüger fall on sympathetic ears. "a great thing," says norbert eickholt, head of the "spielraum - house of generations" of the department of youth and school. he attaches great hopes to this cooperation: "maybe this will develop a flagship project that educates. not only in bottrop, but across the borders of the region." christel moll and gudrun papadopoulos from "adikids bottrop" are also thrilled. "the project combines exactly what is at the heart of our work. motivation, information and fun in the group. the fact that the children are doing something together strengthens their confidence."

youtube und itunes

together, those involved want to get a whole lot up and running by april. on the very first day of the workshop, there is a musical and dance coaching with sb production on the program. the co-assistance will be taken on by clarissa and dimitra papadopoulos. under the guidance of professionals, the children will be studying a very special song and a matching choreography. of course, this also thematically revolves around food. the "adikids" song was composed by music professionals in the company of schneider / berkels who will professionally produce it together with the kids. the whole thing will then be available at itunes, "for 99 cents," reveals farid zitoun. the proceeds of this campaign will go to the "adikids", too. the results of the four-day workshop will not only be heard but also be seen: the adikids's youtube channel will get plenty of clicks. "m & m productions" will accompany the "adikids" project for naturheilzentrum bottrop on film. farid zitoun and christian rüger are happy about the support and commitment of the film crew. next tuesday the "perfect, quick kids dinner" will skilfully be set in scenes, which will be created by the two alternative practitioners together with the kids. "there will be a delicious recipe for home that can be cooked at any time in the family," says christian rüger. after the work we will eat. vegetables & co will provide the culmination of the first workshop, which will guarantee a healthy start to the next day.

© farid zitoun & christian rüger

photo: andreas werntges | werntges studios | gladbeck | deutschland
picture: farid zitoun & christian rüger | naturheilzentrum bottrop

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