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health blog: what can help with insect bites or jellyfish stings?

farid zitoun on mosquitoes - an escape is almost impossible

hello! my name is farid zitoun. as an amateur runner, trained diving professional, and fitness fan, sport is just as essential to my life as the air we breathe. some People wonder why my mood barometer is mostly up. this is definitely due to the fact that i take a proactive approach to exercise before or after work. my colleague, the naturopath, christian rüger thinks that i need this and that i am the type of Person who also musters up endorphins via sport to clear my head.

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in contrast to summer - when i would often lace up my running shoes and shoot off late in the evening, - i am now already a bit limited in the fall because of the shorter days. but ultimately the enjoyment is what counts - whether that’s at 30 degrees in the height of summer or at 12 degrees in late fall. however, the fun factor will be seriously diminished if my friends and i are ‘attacked’ on our jogging circuit, and this is not a rare occurrence at the moment. the little ‘beasts’ are seldom seen. sometimes you can hear them. their buzzing does not signify anything good. it means imminent danger because female mosquitoes do not know pity. they want blood, whether that’s mine or ours. they need it to be able to produce eggs. they bite mercilessly, preferably on joggers’ legs when they’re sweaty or in the process of training, or on naked upper arms. sometimes it is a whole swarm of mosquitoes, which set their sights on our running group. lured by our individual scent and the carbon dioxide that we exhale. an informative video on this topic ‘mosquito bites: onion and charcoal against itching’ can be found on the naturheilzentrum bottrop youtube channel. it is well worth watching.

first aid: info and tips for insect bites/stings

there is no escape. some mosquitoes always catch us in unprotected areas. the result will show up, at the latest, when we do our stretching exercises in the parking lot: a beautiful, bright-red spot which itches, incidentally, with a typical welt that has formed on top. a "really hellishly itchy pleasure," if you can call it that.

my mama always heated a metal spoon, when we came home with mosquito bites as children. the good old spoon was then pressed against the mosquito bite. that helped. we were then ‘released’ to play again outside with a cool, damp cloth on the affected area. today, i know why this worked as i deal with this in my professional life: the proteins, which are in the mosquito saliva, are destroyed by applying heat. the itching then subsides.

tips for allergy sufferers – effective household remedies

tip for allergy sufferers: it’s better to not have sweet treats on the terrace

a hot spoon: a simple but effective home remedy. from my many years of experience in the field at bottrop’s naturheilzentrum, i know that there are plenty of them, and they are not just used to treat insect bites and stings. if the wasps liked the plum cake as much as we did, then the fight for the sweet treat would not always go in our favor. if the insect cannot be gotten rid of and, in the worst case scenario, stings you, it will be painful, but usually not life-threatening for many of us. for other People, who are allergic to insect stings, plum cake and other sweet treats should be taboo on the terrace, if at all possible. what will perhaps only make me itch, can quickly become life-threatening for allergy sufferers. there is no room for discussion here. immediate emergency measures and the doctor are required.

swift treatment for itching and swelling

how daisies can help with mosquito bites

the (or we) non-allergy sufferers can take a much more relaxed approach. we do not necessarily have to be taken to the hospital and be treated with medication after being stung by a ‘killer bee’. nature’s pharmacy offers us a great deal here, a lot of which we can make use of when we’re on the move.

for example, naturopathy is also based on the juice of a shredded daisy. didn’t you know that? so, the next time a mosquito bites you, quickly pick them. this is something to be experienced, and it usually comes as a great surprise: the itching often subsides quickly and the swelling can also go down.

help from nature – hinder insect bites/stings

collision in the water - treatment of fiery jellyfish stings

during one of my last dives, i inadvertently came into bodily contact with a jellyfish. truly, this was not my intention. we didn’t know each other at all and i was not really keen to find out how it feels. and while i was still in the water, it became clear to me that this was something: "i could have done without." the long tentacles of the jellyfish clung to me more affectionately than i would have liked. when i was on dry land once again, i felt it directly: there was intense itching and burning where we had gotten too close to one another. a huge crowd gathered around me. an initial, closer look at my leg gave me the all-clear. "that was a shiff arms jellyfish. you lucked out, my friend" i said to myself. they are not really dangerous, but incredibly painful and more than unpleasant. the unpleasant aspect here refers to the stinging threads, which can be found in the jellyfish tentacles. some nematocysts contain a poisonous secretion. if it comes into contact with the skin, the cysts can burst, the secretion escapes and causes burning pain. it does not feel good and with the welts on the skin, you won’t win any beauty prizes.

farid zitoun on sport and naturopathy

jellyfish stings: first aid measures with saltwater and sand

my immediate measure: to rinse the leg with seawater. then scatter on a bit of sand. the clinging tentacles can be detached with a plastic card. it was lucky that i had room-access and payback cards in the diving suit. i knew they would come in useful for something. especially in the treatment following contact with the jellyfish. in the evening, i applied wine vinegar in the hotel, just as i learned to do so during my diving training. thus, i provided aftercare for the affected skin areas. it worked for me. completely without antihistamine drugs. i was able to enjoy the vacation to the fullest, back in the water as early as the next day.

just as a side note, i decided afterwards to let the jellyfish be jellyfish and steer well clear of these beautiful cnidarians. the motto is that: a jellyfish in sight means that i surface or submerge for a short while. but maybe i'll be lucky, the jellyfish will just take a nap and not notice me. marine researchers have now ascertained in a study that scyphozoa sleep just as HumanS do. they are less active at night, only display delayed reactions to external stimuli, and catch up on missed sleep during the daytime. that sounds very pleasant to me. i do exactly the same thing when i’m on vacation.

click here for my reading recommendation on the naturheilzentrum bottrop topic: “household remedies for insect bites and stings – naturally healthy with onions & co.” in the nabomade news.

what tips or experience do you have when it comes to stings/bites from mosquitoes and co? i'm looking forward to reading your comments.


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