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herbal hiking: a healthy way of slowing down – a contribution to the naturheilzentrum bottrop blog

more than just a walk through the countryside

hello, i am janett and i’ve lived in north rhine-westphalia for several years. i write about travelling in my blog as an expert on short breaks, i am often asked whether two-day trips aren’t too stressful for me. i am frequently on the road for two weekends per month – often in bustling cities – while also doing my regular job at the university during the week, where i have been employed for 14 years.

i actually find time to relax when i’m on the road. the combination of city trips and experience of nature give me the possibility to “slow down” while i’m on the move. this also resulted in me being able to document my very Personal and particularly positive experiences for the two bottrop-based naturopaths farid zitoun and christian rüger in the form of a report.

i have summarized my favorite regions for herbal hikes here in my guest post for naturheilzentrum bottrop’s blog. i have also included a few tips, so your first herbal hike can also be a real success.

a herbal hike in germany’s unique primeval forest

do you know the hainich national park? it’s a unesco world heritage site that is located right in the middle of germany, and it offers one of the most ideal places to slow down. 50 kmof uncultivated forest – numerous, well-established hiking trails, and expert rangers, who always prove that they have an especially good nose for herbs – allow the thuringian region to become one of germany’s most interesting “places to slow down”. incidentally, the whole forest smells of wild garlic in spring – as it grows extensively here.

my tip: take part in one of the numerous, free, guided tours. the hikes with the national park guide susanne merten are highly recommended if you’re searching for herbs. she’ll explain to you which herbs you should try and which you should stay well away from.

naturheilzentrum bottrop - kräuterwandern eine dokumentation

learn how to harvest nettles in luxembourg

stinging nettles grow all over the world and very few People know that they are distantly related to roses and are very healthy. there are also courses everywhere on how to process these plants. however, there is a combination of a harvesting and cookery course in the romantic ardennes. stinging nettles often grow along the edges of paths, so it won’t be necessary to take a long hike. the trick when harvesting the herb is to actually grasp it in the correct place. you can touch a nettle right underneath, just a few centimeters above the ground without being “stung”. of course, you can also harvest them while wearing gloves – but there’s something satisfying about being able to do it “purely” and successfully with your bare hands. when the nettles are later rinsed under water, they quickly lose their ability to sting and it’s easily possible to add them to a salad, tea, risotto or other dishes. 

my tip: let yourself be won over by the magic of nettles on a harvesting and cookery course. i have, of course, also reported on the course in my blog, and i give more info on where you can experience this in luxembourg: janett schindler

entschleuningen in der naturheilpraxis bottrop

up into the mountains – a special herbal experience in tyrol

i have very often heard the phrase “herbs grow when, where and because we need them!” in austria. there is a special kind of flora and fauna, particularly in salzburger land and in tyrol, which is also very tasty. you can try out guided tours for culinary herbs, get recommendations as to which herbs can be used as healing remedies, and the herbs are also ideal as a present for those at home. dried herbs can be easily mixed with high-quality salt and gifted as herbal salt. but watch out – not every herb is suitable for consumption. 

my tip here is therefore to take part in a herbal hike. i can heartily recommend susi vianello to you, here in the hall wattens region. a herbal hike begins here from tulfes every tuesday during the summer.

naturheilzentrum bottrop: apotheke aus der natur

get some herbs for home or the naturopathic practice! off to alpen (lower rhine)

there often isn’t much time in everyday life to go on extensive searches for herbs. it’s therefore all the better if there’s a particular place when you can get some herbs for your home garden and/or balcony. farid zitoun & christian rüger know about the effect and use of medicinal herbs. they also help themselves to nature’s pharmacy at their naturopathic practice. there is a herbal market garden in alpen in the lower rhine area, which i can really recommend. it specializes in long-forgotten herbs from our region, and exotic things like e.g. oxiladacea (which is sour, but makes a tasty snack) or wild radish (the ancestor of today’s horseradish) can be found here.

my tip: schenkendorf’s herb farm also makes flying visits to several markets in north rhine-westphalia. if you therefore wish to find a special kind of herb, you can also stop by there!

kräuterwanderung nabomade - natürlich gesund

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gastautorin janett schindler

guest author janett schindler

janett is the founder of she is a travel blogger and, together with her team, janett reports on weekend tours and provides tips for short trips in her blog. as an expert, she gives travel recommendations and writes e.g. on the subject of reasonably-priced holidays for working people, especially in north rhine-westphalia, germany, and europe. travel ideas outside of the mainstream are the focus of her attention.

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