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farid zitoun heilpraktiker - naturheilzentrum bottrop
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naturheilzentrum bottrop actively supports local hospice care – farid zitoun joins the run

making People move – for comfort and a dignified lifetime

made in bottrop 2013

christian rüger and farid zitoun campaign for “bottrop get moving” - exemplary charity run

for “broncho bear”, the mascot of the event “bottrop, get moving”, the hot preparation phase has long started. the likable mascot inspires for the charity run on june 14 and is currently doing a large-scale promotion tour. the most recent photo-shooting took place at naturheilzentrum bottrop with farid zitoun and christian rüger. at the ruhr metropolis location, the two healers have been active in the area of health for many years, not only at their own premises. the two heads of the health hotspot, known across the states, have long belonged to the committed main supporters of the bottrop health day, and they also actively support the event, “bottrop, get moving”.

bottropers together for bottropers

farid zitoun does not simply keep his running shoes handy, but is already wearing them at the bustling preparations. when the charity run “bottrop, get moving” goes into a new round on june 14, the sporty healer will make his very own contribution on the running track through the city of bottrop. “i'm actively involved and look forward to carrying out my very own performance among hundreds of other participants,” reveals farid zitoun. he has filled his plate quite a bit. “after all, being a bottroper, it is about showing the bottropers that we are bottrop and we make things happen. the focus is on everybody's own health and, of course, the charitable institution that receives the proceeds of this event.”

making People move

when the event was created in 2010, farid zitoun and his practice partner, christian rüger, were a part of it from the very beginning. “making People move. with all the heart – that is right up our street,” summarize the heads of naturheilzentrum bottrop the intention for their consistent commitment to the charity run. the patronage of the event taking place on june 14 has been assumed by mayor, bernd tischler, yet another celebrity and himself a passionate runner. the proceeds of the event go to to “förderverein hospizarbeit bottrop e.v.” (booster club hospice care bottrop).

closeness, comfort and a dignified lifetime

People who are terminally ill must not be left alone,” explain the two healers with international renown. the members of the booster club, founded in 1999, want to make it possible to give them comfort and a self-determined lifetime. “a matter that is wholly supported by naturheilzentrum bottrop,“ add zitoun and rüger. that is also why the two eagerly raise attention for the event, “bottrop, get moving”, together with “broncho bear”.

donation per lap run

the organizers and presenters are optimistic that the result of the past year can be bettered once again. in 2012, 2,086 runners went running on the course from hansastraße, ostfelder and hochstraße to the start/finish line at cyriakus kirchplatz, which was completed several times, according to Personal shape and state of fitness. “that was 31,500 laps,” remembers farid zitoun. for every lap, the hospice team recorded €2 for the hospice association. at the end, the grand total amounted to the very respectable sum of €63,000, which was accumulated this way.

registrations for the charity run 2013 can be submitted on

photos © farid zitoun and christian rüger | pictures sabine rütten fotografie | cologne | germany

picture 1: farid zitoun, healer – naturheilzentrum bottrop

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