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naturheilzentrum experten tipp | heuschnupfen
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naturheilzentrum bottrop expert tip | hay fever

according to a study by tu münchen (technische universität münchen – research university in munich) more and more pollen is in the air. the reason is thought to be the increasing concentration of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, which increases the growth rate of plants and consequently boosts the production of pollen. in addition, milder temperatures and non-native plant species also prolong the hay fever season. even better, if those affected can rely on soft therapies. christian rüger and farid zitoun of naturheilzentrum bottrop name the most important of them.

these soft substances relieve hay fever

sponge luffa

the sponge, belongs to the cucurbit family and is processed by healers into a special formula that, as a solution, is trickled into the nose over a ten-day period (€20.00, health insurance does not pay). this way, nose and sinuses are cleared.


honey makes immunization possible from the inside. you can, for instance, chew on a honeycomb for 15 minutes a day over several months (do spit out the honeycomb afterwards!). the pollen contained therein enters the circulation and the body starts to produce antibodies. also, you can consume 4 tablespoons of honey three times a day. important note: honey and honeycomb should come from within a 25km-radius of your home (visit your local beekeeper or organic food store).


an established immediate measure (€80.00 per session), that boosts self-regulating forces.


“allium cepa d6” (by dhu, pharmacy) triggers reactions that are similar to those of hay fever.

aim: cure like with like. three times a day three globules.

nettle tea

in times of acute symptoms, consume 1.5 liters daily. is contains substances that block histamine, which is the hormone associated with the typical allergy problems.

naboallerg | décolleté spray

a special hay fever remedy based on our own our recipe which relieves the problems and frees the airways. it contains essential oils such as thyme, cedar and cypress. simply spray the extracts on your décolleté several times a day. the 50ml-sized spray can be purchased via naturheilzentrum for €10.95 plus delivery charges.

source: neue woche magazine © farid zitoun and christian rüger

(*this overview/recommendation in no way replaces a consultation by an alternative practitioner or a physician.)

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