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The nabo blog: actively fight against back pain with tips and tricks!

A strong back is the best way to prevent back problems

My name is Reinhard Grell. I am the founding partner of Stuhlfabrik Schnieder GmbH in Lüdinghausen and I hold the position of responsibility for product development. For 100 years, Stuhlfabrik Schnieder GmbH - as a manufacturer of all kinds of restaurant furniture - has been making sure that seating is a comfortable experience. The most modern production methods and traditional handicraft are used side by side on an equal footing.

Those who spend a lot of time - whether professionally or privately – in a sedentary position will place a lot of emphasis on ensuring that sitting does not turn into torture. Back pain is one of the most common ailments in modern society, and it is no coincidence that chronic back complaints are among the "side effects" of many job descriptions. It is therefore all the more important for us to support and promote the back health of our customers with our chairs, benches, and armchairs.

The care of chronic pain forms part of the Bottrop-based naturopaths, Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger’s treatment spectrum. As experts with years of experience, the two health professionals know what is important for back fitness - and what role healthy seating furniture plays in this. A good reason to pay a visit to our chair factory in Lüdinghausen, where you can bid farewell to backache. This is really easy with the right tips from nabo plus ergonomic seating!

 Back tip 1: Those who spend a lot of time sitting down, will have to move around a great deal!

Sedentary activities of all sorts have meanwhile become part of everyday working life for many People. "Working conditions in the world of work have not just changed things for the better," notes the naturopath Farid Zitoun, as completely new forms of activity have found their way into everyday working life through industrialization and digitization.

The best prevention for back problems

Physically demanding activities have been eliminated and they have been replaced by predominantly sedentary activities (e.g. in the form of VDU work). Statistics from the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health impressively show that about 18 million workers now work in a sedentary position ( Not without consequences - because the number of back ailments has increased significantly in parallel.  

This is mainly due to a lack of exercise; those who sit at their desks for long hours and prefer to spend time on the couch after work, will simply not be physically challenged. “A strong back knows no pain” - the saying is not entirely wrong, because strong trunk muscles can process the daily stresses and strains much better. Incidentally, strengthening exercises for the back, shoulders or neck can be incorporated into your normal daily routine even without a visit to the gym - whether that’s through doing pull-ups or brief office gymnastics!

Posture is not just a matter of attitude

Back tip 2: Posture is not just a matter of attitude!

In addition to strong muscles that can withstand greater loads, the right posture is also important to avoid permanent pain in the back. Always make sure you maintain the appropriate body tension for your back and sit as upright as possible during all activities. This is the only way to avoid undue strain even during longer sessions.

Incidentally, the right body posture also plays a role in everyday activities; the correct way to lift and carry (e.g. heavy shopping bags) will only be back-friendly if you ensure that your back is straight. And even when you’re looking at your smartphone you should not slouch, but maintain an upright and straight posture!

Ergonomic sitting is good for the back muscles

Back tip 3: Ergonomic seating furniture supports the back muscles!

Furniture can also have a big influence on the back - and in the worst case, can even promote back pain. We therefore attach great importance to high-quality seating furniture at our chair factory and make sure that each product also meets the highest ergonomic requirements. Back-friendly seating is not only important in the catering industry; uncomfortable furniture in the private sector can cause back problems and increase tension.

Pay attention to ergonomic aspects when purchasing new furniture. For example, a back-friendly chair is characterized by plenty of legroom and freedom of movement - sitting in the same position for a long time is almost a guarantee of discomfort and pain from a medical point of view.

The YouTubers and naturopaths, Farid Zitoun & Christian Rüger on back health

Given my work at Stuhlfabrik Schnieder GmbH, it will be interesting for me to see what tips the readers of the nabo blog have a healthy back. Are there special exercises or even a Personal fitness routine that you follow to strengthen your back? What is your workplace like? Perhaps one reader or another will have a great tip for the lunch break – as even small exercises can contribute to short regeneration, in addition to the physical well-being. Creative ideas are welcome; comments are expressly desired!

Übrigens: mehr Infos und praktische Tipps gegen Schmerzen gibt's auch in den Nabo News: "New insights into chronic back pain" (

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Gastautor Reinhard Grell

Guest Author Reinhard Grell

... was born in 1964. As a professor of materials technology, wood technology, and production technology at the Ostwestfalen Lippe University of Applied Sciences, he has been showing students how to combine engineering approaches with aspects of business administration since 2001. With success! His international reputation has led him, not least, to the University of Trieste in Italy. As a founding partner of Stuhlfabrik Schnieder GmbH, his love for wood as a material has also found an outlet in the production of restaurant furniture. Whether it’s a barstool or wing chair - Reinhard Grell ensures that modern technologies and handicraft meet even the highest demands in the production of Schnieder chairs.

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I loved what you shared, especially the tricks to alleviate the pain ... I'm going to combine it with what I'm doing to improve my results.

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Dear Duvan,

thank you for your feedback which is very much appreciated. There will also be a lifestyle vlog about stretching and warming up movements as well as a fitting news and a Personal blog from Melanie van Kranen from the alpincenter Bottrop - which has the longest ski hall within Europe. So keep yourself updated and check out our news section:

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