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naturheilzentrum bottrop: an active duo at the “bottrop beweg dich” (get bottrop moving) event - my son and i together at the start of the race

the reception manager anja bien blogs

it worked. i persevered and my little one had a lot of fun in his role as a passenger. i’m talking about the start of the “bottrop beweg dich” (get bottrop moving) charity run which we took part in together for the first time. he was firmly strapped into the jogging buggy, while i was dressed in my jogging clothes behind him. we completed the rounds at our - or my – own pace. of course, many of the well-trained amateur runners on the field overtook us. but that didn’t matter. it was the taking-part which counted here, the overall result – to which everyone contributes with their performance. a large part of the proceeds from the megasport event - which the entire city seems to get moving for - benefits hospice work in bottrop. i work here at the naturopathic practice and spend a lot of time in the city due to my job. it was therefore clear that i would be there again this year – just in the company of my offspring this time.

sustaining, looking after, and being attentive – palliative care and hospice work

hospice work, death and dying – these are things which admittedly do not play a major role in my life. not that i suppress them, but i still don’t have any Personal points of contact. however, my grandparents are now slowly getting to the age where they simply need more and more help in everyday life. of course, i also ask myself from time to time: how long can we manage this? will they one day be so ill that they’ll be dependent on professional support and care at an in-patient hospice for the last stages of their lives? not an easy question, but one that occupies my thoughts. perhaps this is why i am so impressed by what my managers – the two bottrop-based naturopaths - farid zitoun and christian rüger have organized for the pharmacist peter stadtmann’s charity event in bottrop every year. the city now has an in-patient hospice and the costs have been capped. not least thanks to “bottrop beweg dich (today: jeder meter zählt)”.

engagement für hospizarbeit - naturheilzentrum bottrop

i hope that this event sends out a positive signal that extends beyond the limits of the ruhr area, and that we will eventually have a solid network which ensures that People are cared for. it should cover needs in rural and urban areas with facilities that guarantee a decent quality of life until death, supported by People who don’t just take the pain away, but who live with us until the end. i would be interested in the extent of hospice work in your towns. i live in marl, where it is still in its infancy. however, i am happy that i constantly get great suggestions from bottrop for the groundwork, although it isn’t easy. if you also have suggestions, i’d be glad to hear them. we’re grateful for everything that brings us forward. one of them has made a difference to my preoccupation with the hospice movement in any case. i know for sure that i want to enjoy my time with my family for as long as possible. i have therefore written out three very basic things for myself on my daily to-do list. what are they?

three very simple tips that could allow us to enjoy life into old age

  1. exercise

    nothing can be achieved without exercise. it is an elementary pre-requisite for a healthy life. we have to firmly overcome our weaker self in this matter, should try to claim otherwise. only with sufficient exercise can our bodies be supplied with nutrients. and the removal of poisons and waste products will also not work without it. exercise does you good. it stabilizes the muscle apparatus and also keeps us mentally fit. so leave the elevator alone and take the stairs. this is the first step toward an “exercise-filled” average day.

  1. balanced diet

    the bill is clear. those who want to remain healthy, agile, fit, and mentally alert will have a good chance of doing so if they eat a healthy and balanced diet. not entirely easy in today’s times. you have to take a closer look at many groceries to be able to divide the ingredients into those that are good and those which are not so good. and the right diet is not the same at every age. our bodies develop different needs throughout the course of our lives. but one rule remains true for any age: fruit, fresh vegetables, and low-fat milk products should be included on every eating plan. the same goes for lean meat if you’re not a vegan or dedicated vegetarian. in contrast, sweet and sugary soda pop should be avoided as far as possible. your desired weight and fitness level will then no longer be a pipedream.

  1. short breaks

    i know what i’m talking about. if your nights are too short, the following working day will be a real challenge to get through. and after that, the family will be waiting for you. i am a woman who is much in demand – sometimes around the clock. short breaks are therefore important; phases in which i can get some peace and let it all go. the ways to achieve this are different for everyone. one Person may find that best way to relax is in a sauna, while someone else might find it better to sleep off the stresses one day in the week. i like to go for walks. a few minutes of peace and quiet, just by myself with light and nature around me. it clears my head. i am back to my old self. don’t believe me? just try it out. have fun and hope you have a good rest.

naturheilzentrum: palliativcare und einsatz für hospiz

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anja bien

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