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naturheilzentrum bottrop - blog news: easter is also the time to pass on a piece of happiness

the easter period – a tradition and time of loving gestures

easter marks the conclusion of 40 days’ fasting - after weeks of deliberate abstinence. farid zitoun, founder and one of the two directors of bottrop’s naturheilzentrum, (“nabo” for short), gave up social networks during lent. no pictures, no sound. the naturopath is therefore glad that this now is at an end. "but the experience was special. you realize just how natural it has become to share many - often quite ordinary - things in our lives with others via a network."

the community no longer has to wait for a virtual sign of life from the naturopath as the easter bunny is already at the door – as can clearly be seen from a look at the calendar. easter treats, bunnies wrapped in cellophane or chocolate eggs, have come to the fore in the display cases of supermarkets. they make it clear. it won’t be much longer and we can look forward to the easter period, to a breakfast in the company of our loved ones, time together amongst nature, conversations, and encounters. traditionally, colorful spring flowers and lovingly arranged easter baskets ensure a special mood in the nabo lounge. the anticipation of easter can be felt everywhere and by EVERYONE, including among the staff and patients at naturheilzentrum bottrop. they find the easter period and the very special warmth to be infectious.

der bottroper heilpraktiker farid zitoun

appreciation, Humanity and regional customs

farid zitoun also has concrete plans for easter outside the naturopathic practice: "i'm going to surprise some People on easter morning with colorful dyed eggs." this little gesture delights the recipients - that much is clear. but there is a bit more behind the easter surprise: "passing on the colorful easter greetings should bring happiness," says the alternative-medicine practitioner. the brightly colored eggs are a definite must-have on every easter breakfast table. they are a symbol of fertility , "and represent a new beginning, friendship and appreciation."

a detour out into the open air will form part of farid zitoun’s plans in any case, no matter how the weather is during the easter period. "put on the right clothing and go outside. you can see, smell and sense springtime. enjoy it with all your senses and soak in all its beauty - even if the sun is not shining. one thing is clear: you’ll feel as though you’ve been reborn afterwards".

together with one other - beyond and outside the naturopathic practice

easter and the awakening of nature in spring are closely interlinked – as can be demonstrated from a look at the long tradition of christian festivals. the forerunners of today's easter period were celebrated as a sign of triumph over winter in pre-christian times. the lighting of an easter bonfire dates back to this tradition and is still one of the most famous easter customs in our region today. "not only in the country," says christian rüger, farid zitoun’s partner at the center for rehabilitation and prevention. "many associations or neighborhoods in the city also invite People to an easter bonfire. there are encounters and discussions. life awakens around us again. you can clearly feel this in such an atmosphere."

part of this feeling of awakening, encounters and togetherness - a piece of happiness - should be passed onto others. farid zitoun and christian rüger have made a firm decision to do so over the easter period - with brightly colored eggs, a lovingly outstretched hand, and by taking the time to listen. "easter with all its traditions makes this possible," assert both alternative-medicine practitioners. they’ll do this in Personal encounters and, of course, with good-humored greetings via social networks.

der bottroper heilpraktiker farid zitoun - fasten in der osterzeit

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