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naturheilzentrum blog-news: it’s all systems go for those who are ageing best
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naturheilzentrum bottrop healthblog: sport & fitness at higher ages - it’s all systems go for those who are ageing best

annette rinkewitz from the nabo team blogs on the subject of being proactive at 50+ | that’s how i stay fit for longer

problems with old age? quite honestly, i don’t have any. i am 67 years old - and i feel great. if someone says that i don’t look my age, then i'm happy. it really is nice to get such confirmation. use it or lose it – as they say in the vernacular and, once again, they‘re correct. i'm living proof. in spite of my age, i’m still in the prime of my working life and full of enthusiasm for it. incidentally, my big role model is the world’s oldest long-distance runner: despite an earlier bout of cancer, harriette thompson still ran a marathon at 92, during which she mentally played piano pieces in her head. i find this exemplary and a real motivation. i myself still have many sporting goals together with my husband. a marathon might even rank among them. exercise is definitely not a short activity for me as we go biking and hiking. and not just on vacation. even our dog plays a part in my fitness schedule.

i proved to myself that those who age best can also be sporty - with my start at tetrahedron stair run. i got first place in my age group. i did not expect this, so i was all the more delighted to have not only achieved my goal, but to have exceeded it. a new round of the tetrahedron run takes place on sunday, september 4. more than 1,000 participants want to attempt the run this year. well, how about it? the registration lists have not closed yet. there is a choice of eight different runs. you don’t have to start off with the extreme empire run. a stretch of eleven kilometers and a total of 1847 steps await the participants here. by the way, this is more than the legendary run up the new york empire state building. admittedly, that wouldn’t be for me. i am indeed well out of it due to my age. ;-)

here we go with three simple tips and the motivation to perhaps also complete a marathon as a long-distance runner at the age of 92

as you know, i work at naturheilzentrum bottrop and my two bosses, farid zitoun and christian rüger, have given me three simple tips gained from experience - almost as senior advisers  - on how to achieve and maintain physical and mental fitness to a ripe old age. ultimately, i sit at the source ... so why not draw from it? :-)

the nabo team being proactive at the bottrop tetrahedron stair run

1. go to the doctor before starting a sport

it’s the mix that matters. a good combination of physical training and a healthy diet is also the basis for a healthy life - especially for those who are ageing best. in any event, a medical sports examination or a basic sports check is necessary for everyone before starting a sport - in order to rule out possible risk factors. regular sport is a central pillar of preventative medicine and can significantly reduce the risk of illnesses and injuries.

2. stay young by refuelling instead of overexerting

endurance and strength training are equally important when it comes to sport. the motto "everything in balance" applies here – not only to keep the heart, circulation and lungs fit, but also to train your agility and muscle strength. the method by which those who are ageing best keep fit, should be determined individually by a medical health check or together with a Personal trainer. the range of unusual sports is also large. so why not try yoga and pilates, or book an aqua jogging course? incidentally, tai chi exercises the sense of equilibrium.

3. live better with the right diet – including as vegetarians, vegans or flexitarians

the following applies to diets: all the important nutrients must be present and in sufficient quantity. this includes vegetable fats (they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes), fish (omega-3 fatty acids are important protection for the heart and arteries, and against dementia) and, of course, dairy products supply protein and calcium (important for bones and teeth). for vegetarians and vegans, there are plenty of alternatives (products such as legumes, tofu, soy drinks, tempeh, seitan and other meat replacement products contain, e.g. enough protein.) generally, a sufficient liquid supply is essentially important - no matter which diet each Person prefers for themselves.

naturheilzentrum bottrop - nabomade® health and sports naturopathy

my conclusion: "you're never too old for fitness and health", and good experiences have taught me that it’s also never too late for a new attitude toward life. the tetrahedron stair run, among other things, has shown me that. what do you then do to keep yourself mentally fit and healthy in old age? do you have any great healthy recipes that you would like to share? i look forward to your suggestions.

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annette rinkewitz

annette rinkewitz

... feels right at home at nabo. her dry “ruhr-area” humor, her infectious laugh, and trustworthiness make her another special personality on the naturheilzentrum team. even the shyest patient comes out of his shell when he meets annette rinkewitz. as a trained business woman, she is indispensable in the daily running of the practice.

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