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naturheilzentrum bottrop news: top tips – five ways to be fit and healthy for the start of the summer

nathalie dziwok is the reception assistant at the naturopathic practice and blogs on the subject of cycling

this is an extract from my diary of the last few weeks: "i did it for the first time today: i arrived at the naturopathic practice in a totally relaxed state. i also took the steep rises and the five-kilometer journey so easy that i am a) not a bit out of breath, and b) even feel a little bit proud of myself. i'm now sitting here in the nabo lounge, drinking water and am pleased with my fitness session on the bike. the best thing about this morning was being able to experience the greenest city of the ruhr metropolis, with all the wonderful countryside in the middle of it. and all of that at a decelerated pace. i could literally smell how clean the air is. i think that’s what you call a wonderful start to the day. the situation isn’t too different for my colleagues from the nabo team. on the contrary, they’re having lively discussions about what they experienced during their bike rides. this new feeling of health gives me more energy than my morning coffee. well, every individual is now aware of muscles that he/she didn’t believe they possessed. the sports session of the day can be felt from your bottom to your legs. and why do all that? there are many reasons to get onto the saddle of your bike. for me it was the health aspect, climate protection, and also a bit of the “role model function” that motivated me to get involved in the 'city cycling' campaign for naturheilzentrum bottrop, consistently giving my best with the nabo team. right now, at the beginning of summer, is the perfect time to start training for a bikini figure. well, my two bosses, the bottrop-based naturopaths farid zitoun and christian rüger, have helped a bit - with super health tips, a Personal diet plan for each individual, and a lot of motivation. my résumé after 2 weeks of cycling is as follows: a clear head, the training effect can be keenly felt, and the best thing to come out of this is that my grandma, mom, dad and friends talk about how great my figure has become. the 'city cycling' project has resulted in much more than just environmental and climate protection. perhaps it is also an incentive for People to change their lifestyle and switch to the bicycle more often.

gesundheitstipps aus der bottroper naturheilpraxis von farid zitoun & christian rüger

here are farid zitoun and christian rüger’s five recommendations that made it easier for me to get started

  1. tackle things slowly. especially at the beginning. excessive burdens overstrain the body. so, first do some basic endurance training. your level of fitness will then increase upward of its own accord. i was recommended to start training at 60 to 75 percent of my maximum heart rate.

  1. keep a constant pace. 80 to 90 kicks per minute is a good medium. cycling will therefore quickly become the ideal training for your heart and circulatory system. and the steady level of stress is also easy on the joints.

  1. regularity is the key. take a leisurely bike ride - ideally every day, or otherwise three to four times per week. incorporate these rides into everyday life. even beginners with a normal level of fitness can manage an hour on their bikes. for healthy People, this should be no problem.

  2. mixing makes it possible. those who don’t just want to get fit, but would also like to lose a few excess pounds, will opt for variety. in between taking a quiet bike ride, try to incorporate some short intervals where you cycle at a faster pace. this stimulates the metabolism.

  3. drink enough. this is extremely important for your performance. concentration, coordination and reaction only function optimally if the body is supplied with sufficient liquid. above all, where sport is concerned.

naturheilzentrum bottrop - tipps und tricks aus der naturheilpraxis

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