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naturopathic blog: pre-program yourselves with springtime health and bonhomie

enjoy the spring with all your senses

hello, my name is dijana djukanovic. as a reception assistant at naturheilzentrum bottrop,  i am the Personal point of contact for the topic of “staying or getting healthy”. i usually remain pretty unfazed. not a wholly unimportant characteristic, especially in everyday working life. however, last week, my colleague annette rinkewitz really caught me by surprise.

naturopathic practice in the ruhr area: nabo health blog

whenever i turned my head in her direction, there was such a special fragrance. quite delicate, fresh and sweet. a new perfume? that could not be the case as the scent lingered, filling the air with its aroma, even when dear mrs. rinkewitz briefly left the reception area. i could even smell it during the lunch break. it was unobtrusive and yet intense. while i was on a break, i sat at the desk and let my imagination run wild. inspired by the unusual explosion of fragrance so very close to me, i was suddenly on a meadow and there were lots of colorful flowers around me. they were the ones that exuded this wonderful scent.

dijana djukanovic blogs about springtime lethargy in the nabo blog

naturopathy in the ruhr area - the colleague knew the solution to the riddle

“and did you have a nice time here?” enquired my colleague after the break. i told her about the meadow, the flowers and her fragrance. she burst out laughing, picked up something next to her desk and presented me with a bouquet of flowers. “it’s for a friend of mine. a little spring greeting, which i want to give her this afternoon. i didn’t want to leave the flowers out here in the open,” she said. however, the magnificent scented bouquet then stood on her desk for the rest of the day. and we all got something out of it. we could smell it and admire the intense colors. a breath of spring, even at work.

i deliberately indulge myself in my job and during the leisure time. i am drawn outside as soon as the weather improves. for me, spring has its own colors, its own fragrance and sounds. i consciously enjoy it with all my senses.

fit and healthy in spring

birds can be heard everywhere; they have finally begun chirping again. life awakens once more. snowdrops, primroses, hyacinths and daffodils raise their heads, ensuring splashes of color in the gardens, parks, and also on the meadows. i don’t know how you feel about it, but i cannot resist it for long; bonhomie is quite simply pre-programmed in me.

and it is not just a feeling. it has been medically proven that the longer days and the spring temperatures do something to us. the reason for our good mood is our serotonin level. it rises once again, it gets us going, makes the springtime lethargy disappear. just right, allowing you to enjoy the first warm days to their fullest. because weariness and lethargy do not fit in with mother nature, which is awakening around us.

healthcare knowledge from bottrop’s naturopathic practice

melatonin against seratonin – healthcare knowledge

about 54 percent of men and 60 percent of women experience springtime lethargy. the swiss chronobiologists verena lacoste and anna wirz-justice, found out in a study the number of People who are grumpy in the morning decreased by half in spring. however, nervousness and psychosomatic complaints increased in return. this was reported in stern magazine, for example. pronounced drowsiness, dizziness, meteoropathy, and circulatory problems are among the symptoms of springtime blues. and it takes time for our bodies to adjust from dark to light seasons. the reason for this here is also a hormone. melatonin, the so-called sleep hormone, which regulates our day and night-time rhythm. too much melatonin, too little serotonin - the imbalance of hormones makes many of us tired and unbalanced. the weather’s antics make spring an additional challenge for many People, as can be read in the nabo news.

and what can be done about it? i asked my bosses, the directors here at the bottrop health facility for alternative medicine, wanting to know the exact answer from farid zitoun and christian rüger. ultimately, i do sit at the source for healthcare knowledge.


exercise, diet, and hot & cold hydrotherapy showers

exercise and fresh vitamin-rich food, they told me in unison as the most important aid against springtime lethargy. but the advice regarding exercise is not so simple if you are very busy with work all day long. however, farid zitoun also immediately had the right solution at hand, from his own experience. when the weather is good, use the bicycle instead of the car to come to office. or simply get off the bus a station earlier and walk the rest of the route.


a tip from a naturopath from the practice in the ruhr area

okay, that means by implication that you have to get up a quarter of an hour earlier. you have to adjust yourself to this. and to be honest, i don’t manage to do so every day. however, i have followed one tip since then: i take the stairs to the naturopathic practice, and deliberately refrain from using the elevator. those who want to do more can start with their anti-springtime lethargy training under the morning shower. hot-and-cold hydrotherapy showers stimulate the circulation. but watch out: the naturopath christian rüger advises those who want to try out the fitness-training shower to always finish off with cold water.

blogger, dijana djukanovic – fit and healthy in spring

 what do you do for a healthy start in the day and to get fit in spring? i'm looking forward to hearing your interesting comments and contributions.


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