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blogthema: vollmond? na, und - schlafen wie ein murmeltier
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night owl or lark? i can be the early bird once in a while

new blog: topic – part two of the sleeping saga

do you remember my son? my name is claudia maruschke and i already told you about him in my article for the nabo blog (naturheilzentrum bottrop blog) in july 2017. he is the last of my three children to still be living at home. he recently had an exciting experience. he was sitting at the window, when he caught sight of a bird of about 20 cm in size, hopping around behind the house.

my son the ornithologist

as it was neither a titmouse nor a blackbird or magpie, he took out the ornithological reference book, which stands on a shelf in our living room. don’t ask me who gave it to us. i do not remember as it was a long time ago. there he quickly searched for a suitable image to identify the unknown feathered friend before it could fly away.

to his surprise, he realized that the beige and brown bird was a field lark. this caught my attention when he began to laugh heartily. he showed me his discovery and i joined in the laughter. because on that morning of the same day, we had read in the newspaper that two types of sleep can be distinguished among People.

the inner clock determines the chronotype

some of us are like pretty larks; we are early risers and are active during the day. others have the characteristics of wise owls. they are nocturnal late risers. we had joked at the breakfast table about which chronotype would apply to us. which of the family members would rather be an owl and who would be a lark. i myself definitely do not belong in the lark category as i tend to sleep rather long and extended hours - like a log.

just a few hours later, we discovered – thanks to the lark outside – a species of bird that we had never noticed before. what a crazy coincidence.

dear moon, you shine so brightly

my blog post from july centered around the topic of sleep and the question of whether the moon can influence People’S sleep patterns. my bosses, the naturopaths farid zitoun and christian rüger had firm opinions on this based on their specialist knowledge, which can be read again here.

the topic of sleep is on more and more People’S minds because sleep problems are widespread and growing. as the subject plays an increasingly important role in our practice, we have also made a video at nabo on the topic of sleep that you should not miss. so click [here] fast!

tipps rund um gesunden schlaf - schlaf dich fi

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claudia maruschke

claudia maruschke

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