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offline, online and in videos ... laughing makes you attractive

expert knowledge and lifestyle with a dash of humor

hello, my name is gerhard schröder. i live and work in the ruhr metropolis. my roots are in the media industry and i run the ‘k3 für kreative kommunikationskonzepte’ agency. being in a team and producing media that reach out to People and clearly communicate the messages and subject matter are things which are very close to my heart. the key principle here is: it’s only really good if it brings joy to others, makes them think, and galvanizes them into action.

“a day without laughter is a day wasted.” – as the world-renowned comedian charlie chaplin knew, and he was more than correct. laughter is healthy - because, after all, more than 40 muscles are required for it. it is contagious and makes People attractive. we perceive happy and laughing People as pleasant, while we prefer to keep our distance from those who are grumpy.

but laughter not only has a positive effect in everyday life and Personal contact, it can also have great significance in (online) communication and in videos. before i go into these advantages and the associated opportunities, here is some brief background info on laughter.

health knowledge in the nabo blog: laughter keeps you healthy

the best videos are those in which People are laughing

when was the last time that you saw someone laughing heartily without spontaneously laughing along with them? the odds are good that you will not be able to remember. genuine, hearty laughter is simply contagious and connects People with each other.

it breaks the ice, as that lovely saying goes. it lightens the mood and People find it easier to approach one other. all beautiful effects of laughter - and highly desirable in terms of communication.


as you can see in the above film, videos are also an excellent way of conveying subject matter and information. contributions are especially interesting - and effective - when they ...

  • ... convey information in an appealing and compact way.
  • ... are still entertaining at the same time.
  • ... are exactly the right length, allowing you to relax and enjoy watching them.
  • ... are adapted to (social media) channels and the habits of the users there

visual information always works best when People get the chance to have their say and tell stories in an exciting way. People prefer to watch People rather than products. a Personal approach works - if it is honest - disarming, charming, and convincing.


laughter is healthy – but not so simple

genuine laughter is healthy - but not so simple

the question arises: how do you get People to laugh in front of the camera – genuinely and, at best, on command? the answer: with time and patience.

basically, it is like stand-up comedy: the joke depends on the right timing, a feel for the audience and the subject matter, which should be relevant to those present at that particular moment. without a Personal connection and level, the best comedian will be left facing a silent hall.

the same is true in film production. genuine and hearty laughter can only be achieved when ...

  • ... People feel comfortable in front of the camera.
  • ... there’s no stress or pressure.
  • ... they get along well with the People behind the camera.
  • ... the performers can be sure that no embarrassing scenes will be released.

trust, open communication and a relaxed atmosphere during the video shoot make genuine laughter possible. if you succeed with this combination, you can even use and broadcast the outtakes - with your tongue in cheek. here is the proof:


natural communication in the social web - nabomade®

the youtubers farid zitoun and christian rüger from naturheilzentrum bottrop manage this in daily practice and in their health blog. the naturopaths also demonstrate their open and wholly natural Personalities in their video blog. this makes the nabomade® lifestyle blog a worthwhile experience and innovative service for the subscribers.


and when did you last have a good laugh?

about the author

gastautor gerhard schröder

guest author gerhard schröder

...gerhard schröder runs the ‘k3 für kreative kommunikationskonzepte’ agency in essen. he doesn’t just produce video clips with his team, he makes films which reach out to PEOPLE and clearly communicate the messages and subject matter. The credo here is: it’s only really good if it makes PEOPLE laugh, think, and preferably galvanizes them into action.

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