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Naturheilzentrum blog: Plogging – a popular new sport with added value for your health?

Fit and clean - #nabomade environmental protection! When jogging contributes toward city cleaning

Hello from Bottrop! My name is Anna Klein and I am the contact Person for everything related to public relations at Best, the Bottrop-based disposal and city cleaning company. Our range of services not only covers city cleaning and waste management in general, but also service on public roads and paths, especially in winter.


Waste management: More than just waste disposal

Environmental protection has a very special significance for my colleagues and all the employees of the company, Best ( - not just in the matter of waste disposal, but now on the subject of waste prevention. We therefore try to pass on some important tips to consumers, so that garbage isn’t generated in the first place. Unfortunately, so-called "wild" garbage can also be found in one spot or another in Bottrop - a good reason to take a closer look at the topic from another perspective together with the YouTubers Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger from Naturheilzentrum Bottrop (‘nabo’ for short). Nature conservation affects everyone - more than ever and everywhere, especially through climate change. By the way: there is more in the Naturheilzentrum News on the topic "Plogging - Naturheilzentrum Bottrop connects People and health" (

Jogger - sporting garbage collection

Jogger – sporting garbage collection

Sweden has demonstrated it - and set a new trend: Plogging is an athletic way of dealing with the trash which is lying all around us. The term “plogging” is almost self-explanatory; this popular new sport derives its name from "plocka upp" (meaning “pick up) and jogging. Ploggers start their fitness session equipped with garbage bags or old sacks - and collect everything that others have left on the roadside.

Thus, ploggers combine two positive effects for health: On the one hand, the environment is cleaner (which, of course, benefits everyone) and on the other, your own fitness level gets a hefty boost. Bending, gathering, straightening, and sprinting have the effect of a whole-body workout. Not only does it tone the arms, but also the entire upper body.

Farid Zitoun & Christian Rüger: There is another way - living without plastic

There is another way – living without plastic

As an expert on the subject of garbage, I know that it’s better to prevent garbage than to dispose of it. Studies show that when garbage is created, it takes many years to get rid of it. This is especially crucial when it comes to plastic waste – as a plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose (Source: German Environment Agency,

We have probably all already seen the pictures of garbage-polluted seas and waters: the main source of pollution is generally the plastic waste that is produced worldwide. You don’t want to sink beneath the trash? Then I have just the right thing for you, as a reader of the nabo blog! Together with the naturopaths, Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger, I have put together a few tips for you on preventing unnecessary and harmful waste.

Blog Naturheilzentrum: #nabomade nature conservation

Zitoun & Rüger in the Vlog on YouTube: How to reduce the garbage mountain

Waste prevention can be very easy. And with the following tips, the readers of the nabo blog can also do a lot within the four walls of their home to reduce the global garbage mountain. Industrialized nations are among the major producers of waste (see here: -  it’s therefore high time that we actively counteracted that! 

1. Buy products with not much packaging: Whether it’s plastic or cardboard - when shopping, you should make sure that the selected product has as little packaging material as possible. This especially applies to disposable packaging. Packaging systems that can be used multiple times are therefore optimal.

Zitoun & Rüger - when jogging contributes toward city cleaning

2. End the “throwaway” mentality: Repairs are usually associated with costs – but nevertheless, a repair is often also economically worthwhile because a repaired device can continue to work without problems for a long time. New purchases should therefore be questioned - the environment will thank us for this.

3. Rethink food planning: Unfortunately, far too much quality food ends up in the trash - mostly because too much has been prepared. This, too, has a negative impact on the environment because it not only increases the amount of waste, but resources are also used in the production of new food. Incidentally, biowaste can generally be processed into fertilizer - the perfect alternative for homeowners with a garden (and a guarantee that beautiful flowers will bloom in spring and summer!).

Healthy environment, healthy humans

Personally, it amazes me how many clever and simple ideas there are to prevent waste. But how do the readers of the nabo blog manage their own Personal fight against the daily amount of garbage? Maybe one or two of you have already taken part in a plogging session? Or do you rather rely on sustainable shopping for groceries, etc? Share your favorite tips on how you actively fight the garbage mountain. I look forward to reading your creative ideas - commenting is expressly desired!

about the author

Gastautorin Anna Klein

Guest Author Anna Klein

... was born in 1983 and is responsible for the marketing at BEST, the Bottrop-based disposal and city cleaning company. As a qualified and formerly self-employed media creator in the field of design, she therefore knows exactly which details are important. This also applies to the subject of environmental protection, which she has been dealing with in Bottrop since May 2018. The readers of the nabo blog will be streets ahead with her tips on avoiding waste: "It’s better to prevent it than dispose of it!" is the motto of this superwoman, who has had a determining influence on the image of the BEST company.

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