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naturheilzentrum bottrop as a venue in the ruhr area
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shooting a feature film at naturheilzentrum bottrop - exciting days behind the scenes on the film set

anja bien blogs from the shooting spot at the naturopathic practice: my experience as a set runner at the filming location

hi! my name is anja bien, but, of course, most of you know me as the contact Person at the reception who is responsible for big and small things related to the topics of health, care and service. i manage a wide variety of tasks at the reception of bottrop’s health facility for alternative medicine. i love my workplace and i love being able to be there for Human BEINGS, for whom i can sometimes make seemingly impossible things happen. i have a great job, which is rich in variety. i enjoy the harmonious working atmosphere, and above all, the caring cooperation. to experience the satisfaction that young and old patients get is the best feeling and the greatest reward. i can therefore say that i love working here with all my heart - every day. however, the fact that my workplace became the set for a feature film this summer and i was able to be there, close to the shoot, was something very special. farid zitoun is one of my two bosses (along with christian rüger) - and the kind of Person to always spring surprises. and boom! i just became part of a feature film production in our building.

i had already experienced a few tv shoots here, but when sandrina koppitz made an appointment with farid zitoun to discuss location scouting (reasons for selection) for a venue to shoot a current feature film project at naturheilzentrum bottrop, the result was immediately clear to me: surprise, surprise! it is surreal how they could only be brought in by my boss. everyone who knows the bottrop-based naturopath farid zitoun will be aware of how he inspires others, but he is also always open to unusual ideas. and the interest in nabo as a shooting location for the film production, ‘we will sing’, is certainly something unusual. especially as the director, katharina mihm, and her film crew were specifically looking for an appropriate location as a backdrop for scenes from her movie. hospital settings and consulting rooms were to be filmed. without further ado, the film’s creators checked out the nabo premises during the on-site appointment. they did not need to see too much of them. after taking a walk around the health hotspot, it became clear: katharina mihm would film scenes at naturheilzentrum bottrop with the main actor, martin visher, among others.

staff at naturheilzentrum

switching roles during feature film shooting at naturheilzentrum bottrop

the entire nabo team was very busy, but, in my opinion, i got the most exciting task - namely to take care of the film crew during their time in bottrop. there was a lot to organize and manage (hint, hint! well, remember. that is exactly my thing). the whole experience then took place over the summer vacation. one Person or another may perhaps have had the idea before now. nabo is quieter during the summer break. nevertheless, you would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at the time they were filming. “we’re only going to come with a small team of film People,” promised the directing assistant, sandrina koppitz. however, at this point, i found out that our definitions of ‘small’ varied by roughly two dozen! :-D this not only included the actors, but also respective individual teams for the director, technical aspects, and make-up. and there was lots to do before the clapperboard could fall for the first time. the staff’s social areas were converted into changing rooms, the nabo lounge served as a make-up room, and therapy rooms didn’t just become filming locations, but also part of the props.

everyone was really nice and we got on great from the beginning. the chemistry between us was right, as we say here in the ruhr area. for me it was fascinating to see how professionally the filmmakers worked. the berlin-based director, katharina mihm, spent five years on research for the feature film ‘we will sing’, and also wrote the script herself.

nabo-like, i was the good spirit on set, fulfilling just about every wish that the film crew had. since i was allowed to act as a set runner (film helper), i also helped to set up and restructure the backdrop on several occasions. i did not realize how much work is actually involved in shooting film scenes. there's a lot of detail and finishing touches behind it which are truly enormous. and yet i saw many parallels to my daily work at the naturopathic practice. i’d hate to imagine what it means to produce a whole movie at the same time. what needs to be right before the director, katharina mihm is satisfied with the result and the scene is in the can? hmmm .... somehow that sounds familiar?! just like how i, as a perfectionist, can spend ages on something until i'm more than 100% satisfied with it.

a feature film at naturheilzentrum bottrop - backdrop and film set

nabo as a venue in the ruhr area – the film project ‘we will sing’ will go on a festival tour from spring 2017 with strong cast of actors

katharina mihm’s production team spent several weeks filming in the ruhr metropolis for the feature film ‘we will sing’. i am already looking forward to seeing the story of the viennese journalist leo bernstein on the cinema screen. i can reveal that production of 'we will sing’ should be completed by spring next year, at the latest. then it’ll first go on a festival tour. once the movie appears in the cinemas, i will definitely be one of the first to get tickets for it. the story is extremely compelling – due, in particular, to the prominent cast of actors. katharina mihm’s work is about the return of wolf to the ruhr area – which divides opinions in the region. a group of residents strongly advocates for the life of the animal, while the government wants to prevent it from breeding at all costs. in the middle of it all is leo, played by martin visher (one of many actors whom i got to know during the shoot). he travels to the ruhr area to attend a friend's wedding, but remains there for longer than planned following a car accident, and sets off on the trail of the wolf.

so save the date – excitement is guaranteed! after all, i was also there behind the scenes. ;-) you won’t see me on the big screen, but i’m ‘live on stage’ at nabo! what makes your workplace special? and what adventures have you experienced in your everyday working life?

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anja bien

anja bien

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