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beatrix gutmann blogs about goji berries, soya and healthy diet against diseases
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superfoods or carrot mash? healthy diet against diseases – a topic in the naturopathic blog

beatrix gutmann blogs

goji berries, soya, ginger and aloe vera. green smoothies with chia seeds or chai with almond milk. sweet potato and broccoli casserole with gluten-free lentil pasta and vegan cheese. the most exotic dishes and compositions find their followers through modern-cooking magazines and videos.

hello, my name is beatrix gutmann. i live and work in essen. i am a journalist and social media manager at a media company. i like travelling, doing lots of it, and i also blog enthusiastically about it, among other things. i cannot and do not want to imagine a life without the internet, and i have therefore been told that i am “a digital fanatic, through and through”. the topic of ‘natural & healthy nutrition’ is more than a pleasure and a hobby for me; it is, namely, a total passion.

cooking-video channels such as ‘tasty’ or ‘tastemade’ are really booming; they show, in time-lapse form, how a dish is prepared.

beatrix gutmann: healthy diet

the aesthetic of the dishes is at the forefront.  they call it ‘food porn’; the main thing being that it looks good. the internet is full of posts about detox diets, meat and carbohydrate-free dishes or organic fruit and vegetables. presented, of course, by beautiful, healthy People, who also stay that way thanks to good nutrition. what these videos grasp is the growing enthusiasm for cooking and for food in general. it is noticeable that a great deal is created and sold under the banner of ‘health food’ or ‘superfood’.

modern food is healthy food

healthy food is important. this doesn’t mean fast food or convenience products from a can. my mother was a stay-at-home mom when i was a child, and there was something homemade every day. carrot mash, for example, or kohlrabi and potatoes, stew and, of course, meat as well - usually on the weekend. the peas were self-shelled, lentils were soaked, and the vegetables were always fresh, seasonal, and almost never out of a can. this was healthy, although i found it boring. i would have much preferred a frozen pizza or canned ravioli.

today i take delight in mama’s carrots, the green salad with its typical dressing and the salted potatoes, which never taste so good as when she makes them.

many years ago i decided to become a vegetarian. i do not miss meat in my diet. little by little, i have eliminated other things. no sugary-sweet drinks any more. i almost exclusively drink water and unsweetened tea. this was a change that i made over the course of years, and it was a process. the topic of nutrition has simply come more to the fore in recent years due to many negative headlines, and i am not the only Person to have become more critical.

health food - vegan and organic

food bloggers report their successes after changing their diet and give advice on gluten-free products. they should be organic, lactose-free, and low carb. but in my opinion, this makes you sick rather than healthy.

foodblogger report about healthfood, vegan und bio

the manufacturers are very happy as there has been a global market growth of 23% for gluten and lactose-free products. but about 80% of the buyers of lactose-free products have no intolerances at all.

i titled my diploma thesis "are we all not a bit lohas?". and i reported on the various types of consumers, asked companies about their products, and put the lifestyle of the lohas advocates under the magnifying glass. the main focus is on the rejection of processed foods in favor of old-style fruit and vegetables, and sustainable products that are produced without exploitation. a good thing, which is mainly practiced by higher earners. but conscious nutrition is neither expensive nor expensive. the edeka supermarket chain has shone a spotlight on the topic with its latest commercial. the reactions to it have varied considerably. there has been a balance of praise and criticism, but the social media team has done a good job, and responds to both.

carrots, kohlrabi and rhubarb from the garden

when i look back in my childhood, the products were regional and seasonal. it was freshly cooked and there was little meat. the strawberries came from the garden in the summer, as did rhubarb and gooseberries. in the winter, there was green cabbage and broccoli raab. when there was too much, it was boiled and made into compote. my mother did not work and this situation was already seen as a luxury. her dishes were healthy, sustainable and not expensive. trying this out is not such a bad idea. well, honestly? "aren’t we all a bit lohas"? those who are looking for really good tips on health, nutrition and lifestyle, should subscribe to naturheilzentrum bottrop’s video blog on youtube. the bottrop-based vloggers and naturopaths, farid zitoun and christian rüger create real value with their short-and-sweet ‘health 2 go’ video clips from the practice. every two weeks - a great service – ranging from humorous, to exciting to very informative segments. i can therefore recommend them!

what are your experiences with certain diets? i look forward to a lively exchange.


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gastautorin beatrix gutmann

guest author beatrix gutmann

... is a social media manager at a large media company. she lives and works in essen, likes traveling, doing lots of it, enthusiastically blogs about it, and is a digital fanatic, through and through. she can’t imagine a life without the internet.


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