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the eu gdpr: a good step in the right direction
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nabo blog: gdpr? because the protection of Personal data is a fundamental right for everyone

more security through the general data protection regulation (gdpr) - full throttle for data protection!

my name is susanne khammar. i dared to start my own business as a copywriter and content manager at the beginning of 2016, and have been helping customers and clients for over two years whenever they’ve been at a loss for words - everywhere that a strong web presence is required and where messages in the modern social-media sector should win People over.

as a freelancer, i can choose my clients and the way i design my working day in accordance with my own ideas - which, as a mom of three children, gave me the necessary flexibility to be able to start my career in the first place.

flexible on the one hand, legal obligations on the other: what applies to companies in general, is usually to be observed by the self-employed and freelancers as well. for example, the new general data protection regulation (‘gdpr’ for short), which will apply uniformly in all eu countries and enforce consumer protection across europe from may 25.

the gdpr in the day-to-day business of freelancers and solo entrepreneurs

i am at a professional disadvantage: as someone who has studied law, i am used to dealing with complicated legal texts. however, the gdpr was also difficult for me to understand at first. this is because, at first glance, it gives little indication of what it really is: an important step towards consumer and data security. it is therefore even more important for entrepreneurs to deal with the topic in detail - and according to surveys, they are still not sufficiently prepared for it:

gdpr - full throttle for data protection

a good step in the right direction - transparency creates trust

the data scandals over recent months and years have often caused particular uncertainty among internet users. it was not always clear what actually happens to your own data – was it used for advertising purposes or possibly sold? probably everyone has wondered: where do the senders of spam mails actually get the e-mail addresses? and why are users inundated with e-mails, even though they only wanted to have one newsletter?

for me as a freelancer, the gdpr comes with numerous new tasks: i have to make my website so safe that customers and interested parties will be protected from malware and viruses when they access it. on the other hand, i also have obligations with regard to the arrangement of my offers: the clients’ data must be protected online and offline, so that it is secure and can’t be used by third parties without explicit consent. furthermore, there are additional duties such as a list of Personal data-processing activities and many other tasks, for which i have brought in an expert to be by my side. i am rarely at a loss for words, but when it comes to data protection, i would rather have professional support.

the data protection regulation in the naturopathic practice and for the naturopaths

european law overrides federal law - including on the subject of data protection!

as an eu directive, the gdpr has given overriding priority to data protection, which has been governed by the federal data protection act in germany up to now. companies that want to evade their responsibility here will be threatened with severe sanctions and heavy fines.

significance of the eu basic data protection regulation in the naturopathic practice and for the naturopaths

as a center for integrative medicine, nabo (short for: naturheilzentrum bottrop) will also be especially affected by the gdpr. in accordance with the will of the legislator, the patients’ Personal data is considered to be sensitive and must therefore be appropriately protected. as vloggers, the two naturopaths, farid zitoun and christian rüger enlighten People about the gdpr in their new video - including reference to naturopathic practices and their tasks as naturopaths. a look at the teaser makes it clear: #nabomade not only stands for modern naturopathy, but also for consumer protection and patient care of the highest standard.

transparency creates trust

you can therefore find more about the current topic in the nabo news magazine: "nabo news - the general data protection regulation (gdpr) - your Personal data is also perfectly protected at nabo!"


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guest author susanne khammar

... ist 1974 in leverkusen geboren und dort aufgewachsen. das studium der rechtswissenschaften in köln und cagliari (italien) prägte nicht nur ihren beruflichen werdegang, sondern auch ihre leidenschaft für sprache und für das schreiben. als mutter von drei kindern machte sie 2016 aus der leidenschaft einen beruf und startete als texterin in die selbständigkeit. „eine große portion phantasie und die neugier auf alles und jeden“ ist nach ihrer aussage die voraussetzung für gute texte und überzeugende inhalte. präsenz zeigt sie jedoch nur in worten – nicht aber in bildern. daher steht an der stelle des üblichen autorenbildes hier nur ein avatar.

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