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nabomade freshly blogged - thorsten stöcker from bahnhof nord: food prices going up?
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food prices going up? - naturheilzentrum bottrop blog

farmers and consumers need security: healthy quality should be worth something to everyone

my name is thorsten stöcker. i am a chef and the owner of ‘bahnhof nord’. we offer two of the most beautiful locations in the ruhr region for festive celebrations and weddings - with our main building and the old bottrop mill. but you can always come to our restaurant at any time and allow yourself to be spoilt with culinary delights.

regional & seasonal cooking - nabomade® on vimeo

it’s important to us that our guests find healthy, but conscientiously selected products on their plates. ‘conscientious’ here is meant in a figurative sense. not only do i want to our meals to be prepared in good conscience, but our guests should be able to know that their food has been sustainably and hygienically produced, without artificial additives, and bought at a decent price.

good food needs good prices - whether it’s a mixed diet, vegetarian or vegan

we therefore buy regionally and seasonally. to do this, we work together with local producers, such as the loewenhof in stadtlohn, which supplies us with organic meat.

nabo blog - that's why quality needs fair prices

of course, high-quality and environmentally-friendly food costs more than at the wholesaler or discounter. and yet we still offer food at lower prices than what would be usual abroad.

for years, strong competitive pressure from the major retail chains in germany such as edeka, rewe & co. has led to germans spending much less money on food than other european countries. anyone who goes to a lidl supermarket while on vacation in spain or belgium, will quickly realize that the prices there are significantly higher than ours.

healthy food: consumers want quality, but producers need security

consumers want quality, but producers need security

Personally, i am not a fan of the price wars, which the chains launch time and again. ultimately, the low prices mean that someone pays. either farmers in poorer regions of the world will be exploited, or farmers in this country will lose jobs and constantly have to deal with new losses in revenue.

this does not mean that it is expensive to eat at our restaurant. of course, our prices have to be competitive. we do not want to put our customers off, but we also feel that People are increasingly willing to pay reasonable prices for good products.

nabo blog - regional economy strengthens the retail industry

this also corresponds to a trend that food expert, hanni rützler describes in her current food report for the german ‘zukunftsinstitut’(futures institute): deprocessing.

the acceptance of industrially processed products is steadily decreasing, while the desire for natural foods and production methods is increasing.

the restaurant as a video location

in a film for the bottrop naturopathic practice youtube channel, explaining the health benefits of regional and seasonal shopping, among other things? the vloggers and naturopaths farid zitoun & christian rüger and their staff were there like a shot. this is an important topic that they are happy to support. that's why i was delighted to take part because it's a subject that is very close to my heart. it was clear that our building - the bahnhof nord - with its kitchen and restaurant would make the ideal film set. you should definitely take a look at the teaser for the video on vimeo: ‘seasonal and regional cooking? #nabomed on the road for you’!!

the old mill in bottrop as a film location for the nabomade vlog

if you feel like doing something good right now, then start some seasonal cooking immediately. to do this, i’ll suggest a real spring recipe for you, because rhubarb, leeks, asparagus and spinach are in peak season from april in this country.

the asparagus tarte flambée is intended to feed four People and takes about 30 minutes to prepare, plus the same amount of time for the dough to rest.


health blog nabomade - recipe tip from the restaurant: asparagus tarte flambée  

the asparagus tarte flambée is intended to feed four People and takes about 30 minutes to prepare, plus the same amount of time for the dough to rest.


ingredients for the dough:

250 g of flour

1 teaspoon of salt

125 ml of water

15 g of yeast


nabomade recipe tip from the bottrop-based restaurant, bahnhof nord

ingredients for the topping:

16 sticks of green asparagus

100 g bacon (vegetarians can just omit this)

300 g of crème fraîche

4 tablespoons of olive oil

sea salt, pepper as needed



sieve 250 g of flour into a bowl and mix with 1 teaspoon of salt. make a well in the center and pour in a mixture of 125 ml of lukewarm water and 15 g of yeast. now mix everything together with the kneading hook of a mixer, and then knead the mixture on a flour-covered work surface until it forms a smooth dough.

nabomed recipe tip for seasonal cooking

leave the dough in a covered bowl for 30 minutes. during this time, you can wash 16 sticks of green asparagus, peel them, chop off woody ends, and cut the sticks into thin, diagonal slices - by cutting the asparagus heads at an angle and halving them.

then cut 100 g bacon into thin strips. now roll out the dough into four thin flatbreads, cover with 300 g crème fraîche, season liberally with sea salt and pepper, and spread the asparagus and bacon on top. drizzle with 4 tablespoons of  olive oil and bake in an oven which has been preheated(!) to  250°c for about 15 minutes.


the local connections to the region, which are important to us when purchasing goods, also create good networks and keep us up-to-date. that is how it recently came to our attention that People were really missing "the good old times" in the bottrop mill.

time for some healthy enjoyment in the bottrop restaurants, bahnhof nord and the old mill

bottrop mill - time for some healthy but, above all, sustainable enjoyment

the old mill in bottrop has resumed its regular opening hours since march this year and is not only reserved for private functions. the cult location, where many bottrop residents used to meet and celebrate regularly, can now be visited once again for a delicious cocktail, a good craft beer, or even for a tasty tarte flambée.

our website offers some inspiration and invites you to come in and enjoy our culinary delights.

you can also find more on the current topic in the nabo news magazine: ‘nabo news - regional & seasonal: just hype or is it really much better for everyone? shortcuts with great effects through conscious nutrition’ (

about the author

gastautor thorsten stöcker

guest author thorsten stöcker

... was born in 1971 and grew up in mettmann. it was while he was working as a sales engineer that he discovered his passion for cooking. as a self-taught chef, he sought out many tips, tricks, and manual skills from the professionals whom he worked with at bahnhof nord'. he passed the culinary exam in 2010, in front of the ‘ihk’ examining board. he loves particularly fresh ingredients and it’s important to him that he uses seasonal and regional products.

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