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christian rüger – animal-assisted therapy is an impressive experience
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touching stimulates your health or refuels your body and soul

video blog - naturheilzentrum bottrop in touch with cow cuddling

body contact and cuddling are basic Human needs that we require just as much as we need air to breathe. this has often fallen by the wayside in the face of growing digital communication.

my name is andrea quaß and i do "something with media". i move through this virtual cosmos where zeros and ones play a big role. when i’m asked what i do for a living, i usually say that i have a general media store ( it’s all-in-one: i make videos, build websites, fly drones, train People on social media & videos, write, coach, advise .... a very wide, exciting field that is constantly changing. plus i have a technology addiction and enjoy inspiring People with modern media. direct contact with People at work as well as in my free time is very important to me. the locations are changing with increasing frequency. my passions include travel, sailing and diving, and they play a role here. to get to know foreign cultures, to meet great People, to marvel at breathtaking nature. and because media People usually cannot stick to using conventional ink, there is also something online: and


for naturheilzentrum bottrop, one thing is clear: touch is important for HUMANS and animals

ecological agriculture and keeping animals in a natural environment

i not only deal with People in many of my jobs, but - in terms of content - my work is also often about Personalities. it’s a great experience to accompany someone with a camera on part of his/her journey, and convey a message. just like naturheilzentrum bottrop, which does great work with and for People. every single Person there becomes the individual center of attention with his/her needs and wishes.

i love stories, and when considering what topic might be suitable to use in a blog video for this lively, committed team from the ruhr area, i was instantly hooked by the idea of the cow cuddling. also because it is about touching – which is something that adults, children, and animals usually like. when undertaking research, both the naturopaths, farid zitoun and christian rüger from the bottrop-based facility for alternative medicine, and i, ended up at the same farm – independently of each other – owned by the farmer, burkhard sagel, in bottrop-kirchhellen! the farmer’s credo is ecological agriculture and keeping animals in a natural environment. perfect!


beneficial - animal-assisted therapy, an impressive experience

so off we go. three days on the set and a great day filming in picture-book weather. upon arrival, the anti-stress properties of cow cuddling began to take effect at the sight of the calves, even before we started stroking them the meadow.

but why is this the case? scientists have found, in long-term studies, that proximity to animals helps to reduce stress. happiness hormones are released when stroking and petting animals; this makes you relax. it is also used in animal-based therapy, e.g. as an complementary therapy for dementia and alzheimer's patients. dolphin therapy (e.g. for developmental delays, autism or physical handicaps, etc.) is generally well-known here, as is hippotherapy (riding as medical treatment e.g. for muscle and metabolic disorders, and many more).


farid zitoun advocates ecological agriculture and keeping animals in a natural environment

in the countryside - emotions and a lot of feeling in the air

a cow’s nature ranges from relaxed to deeply relaxed. precisely because of their xxl size, they tend to be quiet animals. they like to have body contact in general and also show that. even when they have no desire to cuddle, the snuggle partners will let you know by turning away and clearing the field. cow cuddling is a great experience, even if there is a smell of country air during the session, and also afterwards.

touching is important for the physical, mental and emotional well-being of each individual. the contact with animals helps with stress relief and can promote health. i like that very much. stroking an animal will reduce your blood pressure because you can simply chill out, and it may also strengthen the immune system as practically no adrenaline (the stress hormone) will be released into this tranquility. the same also applies to interPersonal relations in contact with each other, as the bottrop-based duo, zitoun and rüger from the naturheilzentrum, explained to me so comprehensibly and logically.

whether it’s a four or two-legged creature - just cuddle up to it! this does you good, provides pure relaxation, and puts you in a good mood! not only in front of or behind the camera, but also without one at all. i was able to convince myself of that.

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Gastautorin Andrea Quaß

Guest Author Andrea Quaß

... the Allrounder, Andrea Quaß, has been working in the field of consulting, coaching, development and mediation for more than 25 years. She produces content, video and moving-image services. In addition, she is an enthusiastic (travel) blogger - whether that’s as a captain when she goes sailing, or as a cyclist in France.

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