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here you’ll find news and notifications from the world of empiric treatment. health news is conveyed in a comprehensible and practical way. always in tune with the times. the complementary medicine of tomorrow. naturheilzentrum bottrop is considered as one of the most modern naturopathic practices in germany. nabo news offers up-to-date and expert reports on innovative health trends, including naturopathy, and/or provides special tips and nabomade® home remedies. the alternative medicine of the future keeps you informed of current topics concerning the bottrop health facility, as well as health care/promotion. it gives health tips and imparts knowledge about modern treatment methods, and experiences of the nabomed® concept.

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The climate is changing. Hardly any topic fuels as much fear of the future, especially among the younger generations, as the consequences of climate change. In fact,  it could be devastating for the world's population in the coming years, as a European Commission report indicates. Heatwaves, melting polar-ice caps, and unforeseeable consequences for flora and fauna – given the catastrophic scenarios that experts are painting, it is hardly surprising that movements like "Fridays for Future" by Greta Thunberg are gaining popularity, especially among young People.

Stars like Heidi Klum have set an example by doing it, and more and more People are taking part: "Juice cleansing" is a big lifestyle trend and is often associated with positive effects on the body. Many People do a so-called “springtime juice cleanse”, especially now at the start of the year. All kinds of juice cleansing are not only used as the "detoxing" method of choice, but also as a tried-and-tested aid for losing weight.

Many People in Germany distrust medication, as evidenced, not least, by a study by the ‘Gesundheitsmonitor’ (health monitor) website. According to this study, more than half of the respondents stated that medication is ultimately "poison". Given the many advances in modern conventional medicine, such general denigration is definitely too indiscriminate. Nevertheless, the side effects of medication are a reality which many People don’t like to experience.

*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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