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here you’ll find news and notifications from the world of empiric treatment. health news is conveyed in a comprehensible and practical way. always in tune with the times. the complementary medicine of tomorrow. naturheilzentrum bottrop is considered as one of the most modern naturopathic practices in germany. nabo news offers up-to-date and expert reports on innovative health trends, including naturopathy, and/or provides special tips and nabomade® home remedies. the alternative medicine of the future keeps you informed of current topics concerning the bottrop health facility, as well as health care/promotion. it gives health tips and imparts knowledge about modern treatment methods, and experiences of the nabomed® concept.

When Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Thomas Müller race across the soccer field to capture the balls, they place a heavy strain on their backs. Soccer is not only one of the most injury-prone types of sport, but also one which places a lot of strain on the spine. Overstretching the lumbar and cervical spine, sudden stops, and dynamic rotational movements place a disproportional strain on the body.

Dietary supplements are in vogue. According to the German Association of Food Law and Food Science (BLL), turnover of the supplements was 1.44 billion euros in 2018. A growing trend. However, many People who decide to take supplements do so without suffering from a deficiency and without consulting a doctor or naturopath. Very few People know that an unnecessary intake of dietary supplements is associated with potential dangers.

Those who never work in a team won’t know how joint work with colleagues and staff can support their own success. The better you know each other, the better the results will be - as evidenced by recent studies.

A traumatic brain injury (or “TBI” for short) is a serious injury to the skull and brain. For People of a younger age, it is usually the result of a traffic accident. For People from older age groups, falls can also be the trigger. Approximately 280,000 patients with traumatic brain injuries are treated each year in Germany. "The majority, i.e. about 80 percent of those hospitalized, suffer from a minor TBI," explains Farid Zitoun from Naturheilzentrum Bottrop. The remaining 20 percent are patients diagnosed with a moderate or severe TBI.

*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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