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as strong as an ox: rhenania e2 – the football kids and the naturheilzentrum bottrop (Kopie)

fit as a fiddle and really proud

children’s football can be summarized as follows: a perfect training condition, constant movement, sprint and direction changes – all that fosters fitness, which - in turn - keeps them healthy. children do not need a specific strength training to build up muscles. when playing football, this happens automatically and it’s fun. in every football training, there are coordination and technique exercises. this requires important motoric skills, which the young footballers learn by playing. running fast with the ball, dribbling or scoring goals make them real motoric professionals.

magicians with the ball, fun and many goals

the juniors of the e2 team of s.v. rhenania are proud of their new training balls that are now available for them at the “im blankenfeld” sports facility in bottrop. “we know how hard it is for football clubs to provide their teams with the necessary equipment these days“, farid zitoun and christian rüger of the naturheilzentrum bottrop explain. this is why the directors of the bottrop alternative healthcare center support sport associations in their town, too. “physical exercise is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle“, the alternative practitioners explain the reasons for their commitment. it is extremely important to teach children to practice sports. boys or girls – every child has fun playing ballgames. children have a natural urge to move, which needs to be satisfied. playing football gives children the chance to get rid of energy, to unwind and to run freely on the pitch having fun with the ball. "football is a team sport, hence it’s the best training for social skills", explains the alternative practitioner, farid zitoun from the natural healing center. children meet many different Personalities and nationalities, and they learn to respect children from different social backgrounds and to cooperate with them as a team. "as members of a team, children must find compromises, but they also learn to assert themselves. this is how team spirit can be developed and today's children can become tomorrow's team players", adds his colleague from the naturheilzentrum bottrop, christian rüger. football connects teams, but also fans.

furthermore, back pains are quite common among children and the number of affected children is increasing. this has been confirmed by DAK (a german health insurance company) survey among pediatricians in 2010. 44% of the participants state that the number of children with back pains has slightly increased over the past decade. about 13% of them mentioned a noticeable increase. the causes are usually a lack of exercise and a weakened musculature. "these young kickers prevent these problems. thanks to regular and varied exercise, as well as and muscle building, they also strengthen their back", says farid zitoun.

naturheilzentrum bottrop: sportheilkunde - auf die richtige ballempfehlung kommt es an

young football players need new equipment

"it depends on the right ball. the f-team children and the juniors should not use normal senior balls", marco langnickel (children’s training team leader of sv rhenania 1919 bottrop e.v.) and mariella ptak (rhenania e2 youth voluntary mother) know that. They are referring to children’s footballs which should be lightweight. "the sv rhenania staff knows how to make children enthusiastic about sport“, farid zitoun is impressed by the intensive children’s and youngsters’ team training of bottrop’s traditional sport association. More than 400 wannabe-kickers are training at the football club. 20 youngster teams play in the district league and wear the colors of rhenania in the local county division and the league of the lower rhine. “this is the kind of support we love to provide“, farid zitoun and christian rüger say. “we do it with pleasure, providing balls and even more.“ the juniors find it great, and they really appreciate this experience and the support of the alternative practitioners of the naturheilzentrum bottrop. and they run across the pitch with pride – with new balls and a thrilling amount of enthusiasm.

naturheilzentrum bottrop: kinderfußball - ballzauber, spaß und viele tore

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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