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bottrop naturheilzentrum beweg dich

committed citizens and naturheilzentrum campaign for local hospice work | successful exemplary event

record results at charity event | ”bottrop, get moving

ready, steady, go, made in bottrop

shouting loud battle cries, hundreds of bottropers stormed down the approximately 500 meter long “bottrop, get moving” track in the city center. schools, preschools, sports clubs and individuals took part in the charity run and accumulated donations on behalf of hospice booster association, förderverein für hospizarbeit, to help realize the construction of a new hospice facility.

naturheilzentrum supports local hospice work – farid zitoun joins the run

the start was sounded by peter stadtmann, owner of pharmacy, alte apotheke. as patron of the event, mayor, bernd tischler, was in the first row of the event, and ran alongside farid zitoun of naturheilzentrum bottrop among the first. the two ambitious runners showed total commitment at this special run and showed their best Personal performance. “that is a nice event. it's fun running with the younger People,” bernd tischler sums up.

more than 3,300 citizens run for a good cause at “bottrop, get moving”

3,300 registrations promised a record result. the aim was to beat the donated sum of the previous year, which amounted to €63,000,” explained co-organizer and moderator holger czeranski. in the beginning, peter stadtmann literally broke into sweating when inserting the coins into a pipe. he had to open a new banderole of one-euro coins almost every second. every completed lap earned one euro per participant. “but that's just a guide value,” says holger czeranski. “thanks to the financial support of the numerous sponsors, we normally adjust upward.”

overwhelming record result

after 2,100 runners accumulated €63,000 in the previous year, there were even several new records set this year. the fourth edition of “bottrop, get moving” attracted 3,300 runners to the track. about 340 kilos of coins were delivered. together, the active participants achieved the record sum of €76,000. “it was as if the greenest city of the ruhr metropolis had opened its doors and everybody had turned up at the same time to support this great project,“ holger czeranski happily notes on the successful event.

charity run accumulates record donation sum of €76,000 for construction of hospice

the commitment of the runners has paid off. the first spadeful of earth will be turned for the children's hospice as early as this sunday at 11 a.m. in close proximity to revierpark vonderort in bottrop.

announcement for “bottrop, get moving” 2014

“it was a brilliant event,” says farid zitoun of naturheilzentrum bottrop, and his colleague adds: “everybody agrees. bottrop is a great city with great People and really moving citizens.” the two consequently revealed that organizers and supporters had already agreed that the event will take place in the following year, too. “continuation 2014, and naturheilzentrum bottrop is actively involved – that's a promise,” says farid zitoun.

photos © farid zitoun & christian rüger | pictures: melih akyazililar | meertasa fotografie | essen | germany
picture active: farid zitoun, naturheilzentrum bottrop

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sources: extracts – newsroom 4 june 2013 | bottrop 14 june 2013 | | bottrop lokales 15 june 2013

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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