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cultural project with character of sustainability “health and culture” made in bottrop | powered by naturheilzentrum bottrop

farid zitoun and christian rüger campaign for young, creative People

stage fright is increasing among the members of the ensemble. this friday, the curtain for the musical thriller, “die schreibmaschine” (the typewriter) will fall for the first time on october 25, 2013 at spielraum on prosperstraße 71, bottrop. the script, text and idea were created by tim berkels, the music by raphael groß. 13 amateur actors will perform the story of thomas bloomfeld, biological son of deceased multi-millionaire and successful crime story writer, rupert bloomfeld.

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at the last minute | afterthought on the press conference of

tuesday, october 1st, at 3 p.m. at spielraum in prosperstraße 71 | bottrop

the final updates for the vip after-show party with get-together for invited guests with vip pass exclusively at industriedenkmal bernepark gastronomie bottrop.

a total of 10 performances is scheduled by 30 november in bottrop, including the premiere on 25 october 2013. a red carpet, vips and the subsequent vip after-show party for invited guests only, make the musical evening something truly special. the celebration takes place under the motto “get together” at industriemerkmal bernepark gastronomie, ebelstraße 25a, 46242 bottrop. the entire ensemble will also be there.

the creators have come up with a whole bag of eerily beautiful surprises for the audience for the performance at halloween on thursday, october 31, 2013.

the creators

schneider berkels music production gbr is a music and show company that wants to close the gap between amateur and professional music entertainment. their musical project “das tagebuch des bobby griffith” (the diary of bobby griffith) was awarded the hermann-hölter prize, an award for tolerance, civil courage and commitment. in the same year, they received the “vestischer kulturpreis – für menschen mit ideen (grimme institute award for People with ideas).

cultural project with character of sustainability “health and culture” made in bottrop | powered by nabo

the cooperation and the “adikids” project

“it is remarkable what they achieve,” say farid zitoun and christian rüger of naturheilzentrum bottrop about the work of the two young artists. “the stage projects of schneider berkels music production are lived culture. they connect People. everybody contributes their strengths and thus, has a hand in producing something big, thrilling and impressive in the end.

big, thrilling and impressive

the two scientific heads of naturheilzentrum bottrop have made it their business to connect health and culture. they want to support young talents of the region and help them to make their projects known beyond their regional bounds. owing to their occupational commitment, they frequently put the health hotspot ruhr into the center of attention and share their very own therapeutic approaches on lecture tours. the international successes of the practice speak for themselves. with the same vigor, they now approach the project of cultural promotion.

with their commitment to the young artists, farid zitoun and christian rüger also combine their support for “adikids”, a society of adipositas verband deutschland e.v., which has made it its mission to convey the fun and joy of exercise and dance to overweight children.

“this is a great project we'd like to support,” reveals farid zitoun. this is why the musical evening at spielraum on friday, 29 november 2013 is much influenced by the charitable intention. the entire proceeds of the evening go to the charity institution, “adikids bottrop”. “a top story,” reckons norbert eickholt, head of  “spielraum – haus der generationen” (house of generations), department of youth and education of the city of bottrop. ”here, common strengths are harnessed and passed on.”

the tv was there | tv report on the project

“the kids are stoked about the support they get,” christel moll and gudrun papadopulus of “adikids bottrop” report. thanks to the commitment of the two nabo heads, the kids have exciting months lined up. together, they will rehearse a play, or maybe even a musical. the project is to be realized under the direction and guidance of the musical writers and addresses the issue of a healthy diet. the premiere shall take place in spring next year.

farid zitoun and christian rüger will also Personally do a great deal with the kids regarding the topic of healthy food. “we playfully want to give the children an understanding of that and give them a child-oriented piece of advice for their life as an incentive for a healthy diet,” the two healers explain. “the project idea is well thought through,” reckons norbert eickholt regarding the commitment of the venue. christel moll is also hooked: “we have great expectations towards the project. this is exactly what we have made the centerpiece of our work. we want to bring the children together and motivate them to do something together. this way, it strengthens their trust.

about the play

“die schreibmaschine” (the typewriter) is a musical thriller set in england in the late 19th century. the death of successful crime writer and multimillionaire, rupert bloomfeld, causes unrest inside the family. by will, marian, the second wife of the literary figure is entitled to split the not unsubstantial riches of her deceased spouse. the beneficiaries shall be lynette and albert, who marian brought into the marriage as well as rupert's biological son, thomas. but instead of a substantial sum the latter merely inherits his father's old typewriter. for lynette and albert this is plain sailing: it must have been the last brilliant joke of the successful writer to express mockery and ridicule. or should the inheritance turn out to be of value, after all? anyway, thomas regards the old typewriter as an incentive to follow in the footsteps of his successful father. he is encouraged by his wife, mildret. he gets to work, not least because he is angered over his stepmother and half-siblings. because thanks to rupert's riches, they enjoy a lavish lifestyle. thomas writes a criminal novel with an eerily exciting plot. everything seems to go well until the first murder of is fictitious story becomes a reality.

© farid zitoun & christian rüger
photo: heinrich jung | photographie heinrich jung | gladbeck | deutschland

picture: farid zitoun | im interview

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