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neujahrsempfang bottrop 2011

farid zitoun and christian rüger | naturheilzentrum bottrop interviewed at the new year´s reception of the mayor

the city of bottrop. awarded “innovation city” | mayor, bernd tischler, “we lead the way” | for a good reason

new year´s reception of bernd tischler, mayor of the city of bottrop, which was awarded the prize “innovation city”. farid zitoun, christian rüger as well as the team of naturheilzentrum bottrop were invited by mayor, bernd tischler. the motto of the event was “we lead the way”. for a good reason. interview with farid zitoun and christian rüger of naturheilzentrum bottrop at the new year´s reception of the city of bottrop:

“what was your impression of the new year´s reception, mr. zitoun?”

farid zitoun: “bernd tischler is a mayor with passion and lots of commitment. he openly and honestly voices his affection for the city of bottrop and its People, and he has the heart in the right place. with that in mind, who can be surprised by the award, “innovation city”. “we lead the way” and that whets your appetite. it motivates and confirms our declared belief in our location.”

“why did you choose bottrop as your location?”

farid zitoun: “because here, People enjoy living and making a difference. you like coming here! bottrop is just a great city with a really active city tour! and healthy anyway. bottrop is much more than just the greenest city of the metropolis. for a good reason. “we lead the way” - that's the bottropers. with love, joy and passion.”

“how do you like the criticism regarding this evening?”

farid zitoun: “maybe the critics should follow the example of mayor, bernd tischler, and also support his principle, his great commitment – many more great things can be realized for, and together with the bottropers. we're in for it!”

“would you like to add some concluding words, mr. rüger?”

christian rüger: “bottrop is a great city with very special People. that encourages and reassures us. we enjoy living and working here. its just beautiful and inspiring. i can “only” second that: “we're in for it!”

source: christiane krämer, multiplikator pr cologne, germany, 2 february 2011

the press reports:

“bodo hombach speaks at new year´s reception of the city of bottrop

bottrop. more than 400 invited guests met at “prisma” this thursday, where they were welcomed by mayor, bernd tischler, to the new year´s reception of the city of bottrop. bodo hombach, managing director of waz media group came as a guest speaker.

the “innovation city” was the topic of the evening and that of the speech of mr. tischler. he focused on the People that majorly co-create to the project: “we have citizens, who are willing to support good ideas and invest private money. the People in bottrop are hands-on. the aren't easily deceived. but if there is someone leading the way, who they like and agree with, then that Person will find a spirit and capacity for enthusiasm that is second to none. “innovation city” has hit the right nerve”.

he continued that in fact, there already were two concepts for individual climate protection projects available. realization could begin now, for example at “zeroemmissionpark”, where state-of-the-art, low-noise wind turbines are to be installed, or with the testing of combined heat and power plants the size of a refrigerator that would fit into every house.

these projects can be kicked off at the beginning of the project year. tischler said: “what's crucial, of course, is the assurance that the projects are granted a high priority regarding the existing possibilities of funding and subsidization.”

guest speaker, bodo hombach, managing director of media group waz and moderator of initiativkreis ruhr, who has initiated the future-oriented project, “innovation city”, spoke of “civil energy that the People of this region have”, which was to be experienced a thousand times during the events of ruhr.2010. bodo hombach argued that living space should be a creative hothouse where 'the interested, the useful and People develop perspectives'.

he went on to say how innovation city was one example of good ideas receiving a viable structure by initiativkreis ruhr, where 60 of the biggest companies pull on the same end of the rope. bottrop would now be at the forefront of the action.

bottrop now ranking first

bodo hombach said: “bottrop will become climate model city for the ruhr area and the world. 16 competitors were outstripped. they weren't too bad, either. of course: that rightfully kick-starts pulses of local patriotism. moreover though, it changes the general weather situation. it arouses. it opens new occupational possibilities. what's not to be underestimated: it activates money that is lying around.”

an “investors´ conference”, likely to take place at pit, prosper haniel, would have to

provide the funds and support needed for the innovation city initiative. “ohne moos, nix los (no ticky, no washy)”, as the locals would put it. we need europe, the federal government and the state in our boat. we need the companies. those who invest now, can enjoy the created revenues later.”

hombach also picked up the topic of 'ruhrstadt' and explained that he doesn't think much of the 'sunday speeches'. “we should look for and emphasize commonalities and similarities. then, ties will start to grow.” he banks on smart cooperation and concrete steps. “just like an ordinary orchestra, nobody has to do everything, but only those things which he can do very well.” then, the good soloists would get their special applause and the concert still is a complete success.

hombach concluded: “if somebody were to ask me in the future: which place is setting trends in the region and where are good ideas and hands-on People? then my response is: bottrop.”

source:, 27 january 2011

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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