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farid zitoun supports | ten steps towards happiness

giving hope. making the impossible happen. a 13-year old finally walks her first steps. what helped her was the eye acupuncture at naturheilzentrum bottrop. financed by friends and supporters, such as the association, amélie e.v., supported by farid zitoun, who is an honorary member. the press reports:

michelle suffers from spastic muscle weakness – charity concert in september

vernawahlshausen. sonja and werner hettler have already shed many tears of joy. when their daughter michelle walked her first steps at the age of thirteen, that was such a moment. and when holger wegener, chairman of vc vernawahlshausen appeared at the door waving the positive answer from bundespolizeiorchester (federal police orchestra), even sonja hettler couldn't hold back the tears. because the policemen wanted to give a charity concert for michelle.

the girl from vernawahlshausen is disabled. at birth, she only weighed in at 785 grammes; she was two months early. the infant had to undergo several life-supporting surgeries and was only able to be discharged after four months. the doctors diagnosed an early childhood development disorder. a spastic muscle weakness confines her to the wheelchair. in addition to that, she is also suffering from an eye disease.

today, michelle is 15 years old. by now, she can walk ten steps with assistance. a success, the doctors would not have believed in, says sonja hettler. she ascribes the success to regular eye acupuncture treatments, which michelle has undergone since 2000. the frequent colds she used to have in the past have also subsided. but there is a catch. her visits to the bottrop rehabilitation clinic are not covered by the health insurer.

that's why the hettlers are thrilled by the help of the policemen. the family experiences lots of charity in general: vc vernawahlshausen has established contact to the military band, charity organization “amélie” cares for chronically ill children and also provides financial support. and the theater group of mtv donated €1,300 last year, making possible a two-day stay at the clinic.

but it's not just acupuncture treatments that weigh heavy on the pocket. the facilities and alterations adapted to the needs of disabled People also cost a lot of money, which is why the word “holiday” is almost unknown to the family.

source: zhb

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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