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by beatrix gutmann

short, compact and informative - or “health to go with added value”. these are the short but sweet moments for smartphone and tablet users, who want to keep themselves informed on topics such as beauty, health and lifestyle via brief but educational videos. coca-cola has already recognized this as a trend and regularly delights the user community with great web videos

media consumption has changed rapidly over the last few years, not least because social media now play a decisive role. we not only consume news, videos and articles, but can also create content ourselves, express our opinions, blog, rate and comment. according to saarland radio, the abundance of social media channels and, above all, the speed at which millions of articles reach the world wide web every day, can quickly overwhelm you or, in the worst case scenario, become addictive. reason enough for many People to get enthusiastic about exciting or relaxing moments.

a smartphone as a traveling companion can deliver these moments. in hectic times, it can quietly provide something a bit calmer, e.g. with valuable moving-picture content, which can be absorbed quickly via a mobile device in 30 seconds. 30 seconds for a good feeling, peppered with valuable information or advice for your wellbeing. compact and informative health, as it were, or “healthstyle to go” for body, mind and soul.

video blog magazines are becoming increasingly popular

this development is hard to miss: ‘snapchat’, ‘instagram stories’, ‘vine’, ‘periscope’ or ‘facebook live’ are more than just a trend. there is currently a large number of video formats on all kinds of topics. snapchat or instagram are especially popular with young People because the content is brief, and space can be made for something new after 24 hours at the latest. for the first time, german adults use digital media more often than traditional television in total in 2017.

those who are already exposed to daily stress do not wish to be annoyed with fast and frantic videos á la snapchat. People who want good advice for their well-being or require health tips have come to the right place. with "health to go" you can secure these moments during the day and apply them in the evening. corporations such as coca-cola have long known how to reach People nowadays, namely to follow trends, to explore new avenues, but continue to remain true to oneself.

30 seconds of attention - life hacks for the senses through an appropriate vlog

those who do a lot of traveling will use their cellphones or tablets to get things done or watch videos. according to a report by the network specialist, cisco, mobile video use is set to grow by almost 900% by 2021. users would rather watch videos than read continuous text, and they spend an average of six hours a week watching clips. channels such as snapchat, youtube, facebook and instagram are particularly popular. according to the californian company, tubular insights, a survey of social media users revealed that 60% of consumers believe that they will watch even more videos next year. good experiences and recommendations from friends and family form a deciding factor here, according to the survey.

naturheilzentrum bottrop video blog magazine

"Human attention will really be a scarce resource in the near future," says microsoft boss, satya nadella, referring to a canadian study, which states that a Person’s attention span has now been reduced to eight seconds. eight seconds constitute a very short “time out”. on the other hand, moments and commercials that last for minutes have an almost epic effect. 30 seconds provide just the right time span to grab someone’s attention – ensuring that it will neither bore the viewer nor be too brief.

how does that beautiful saying go? “a picture can paint more than 1000 words” and you can tell a whole story in one short clip. video blog magazines offer this service and added value, centered around topics such as health and lifestyle. they are meant to stimulate the senses and create little moments of wellbeing in everyday life. the user benefits from this long-term because the videos can be retained and still be accessed later.

innovation in matters of lifestyle and health

naturheilzentrum bottrop can look back on more than 20 years of experience in complementary medicine. it has also continually attracted attention through innovations, commitment and Personalized service. this is reflected, among other things, in its social media activities. it is present on the channels that are most popular with users, and, beyond its practice, has also shown itself to be transparent in contact with People online. this is still unusual for this sector and precisely why "health to go" fits into nabo’s (short for naturheilzentrum bottrop) modern concept. health precautions are important because, e.g., with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, many aches and pains can be prevented. the alternative medical knowledge of a practitioner from the naturopathic practice comes in at the right time here:

  • did you know that you can gain protection from the sun through eating? you can also arm yourself against uv rays from the inside
  • healthy skin feeling? the nourishing face mask that you can easily make yourself
  • rheumatism or sprain: a cabbage compress as a useful home remedy? your own kitchen pharmacy
  • how healthy are smoothies? you should pay attention to this
  • tofu instead of beef? this is how vegan cuisine can be healthy and taste good
  • more energy and serenity in everyday life? that is what five minutes of yoga can bring

this sounds exciting. it makes you curious to learn more and proves that tradition and modernity can be perfectly combined with each other. grandma’s advice on the smartphone. who would have thought it?

beatrix gutmann: the journalist and social media expert on “health & lifestyle to go”
photo: bea gutmann (private) - essen-based beatrix gutmann is a journalist and social media expert at a large german media company

food sharing - a good example of sharing is caring

“sharing is caring” is the motto among social media People like us. the concept comes from the "shareconomy" term and invites you to share things. this includes the passing on of knowledge, which fits in particularly well with naturheilzentrum bottrop. farid zitoun and christian rüger present themselves on social-media channels. together with the nabo team, they take suggestions seriously and answer questions centered around the topic of healthier living in their lifestyle blog as well as in short videos. conclusion: follow the #healthtogo hashtag, let yourself be inspired by the films, and pass on the information to friends and acquaintances.

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


and good connections

the charm and the uniqueness of naturheilzentrum bottrop: short distances, competent employees and specialists as your direct point of contact, personal approachability, eloquence and commitment. convincing reliability, transparency and attentiveness.