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naturheilzentrum backstage einladung

nabo behind the scenes | self-help organization for People suffering from epilepsy, brain damage, traffic or other accidents gets exclusive insight into naturheilzentrum bottrop

finally, after a two-year preparation time: naturheilzentrum bottrop opens its gates for the visit of spike wave e.v., a self-help organization for People from beckum, north-rhine westphalia, who suffer from epilepsy, brain damage, conditions sustained from military service as well as from work, traffic and other accidents. this exceptional event was planned and realized by farid zitoun and christian rüger, the two founders and leading therapists of nabo, as well as the entire crew with special attention to the needs of the visitors.

very kind reception and admission to a special place

the first reaction of the group of visitors: “the interior and the atmosphere are more fitting for a design hotel than a practice.” here, state-of-the-art technology is used. doors open automatically, a special color and light concept illuminates the way to the reception desk. flowing water in combination with natural materials such as wood and glass make for a healthy sense of well-being. soft, harmonic music creates space and peace. “you instantly feel the invitation to be able to relax here, “says danny warschitzka, chairman of spike wave e.v..

holistic architecture | a thought-through concept

“at nabo, the focus clearly lies on health and its restoration,” says farid zitoun. “the architecture and the consistent design make a significant contribution to the physical condition and psyche of our patients.” the entire design of nabo follows the function to make the stay as pleasant as possible for the patients.

therefore, the illumination of the reception area was designed in the style of a landing strip to help People with impaired vision orientate. the sensor-actuated doors are there to allow wheelchair users and handicapped People autonomous access to all therapeutic areas.

activation of the senses | healing environment

christian rüger adds: “we're working with an experience for all senses – hearing, tasting and seeing. with specially mixed scents and essences that call up memories and stimulate specific areas in the brain, which is therefore also able to be experienced by comatose patients. specifically composed music eases the initial tension of the first entry and supports the treatment process.” farid zitoun puts the concept in a nutshell: “for us, it is clear that getting healed can only happen in a healing environment.”

therapy through stimulation

as part of their visit, the members of spike wave e.v. gained explicit insights into the registered nabomed® concept. this novel stimulation therapy is based on a special micro-stitch technique, further developed by nabo. a combination of successfully used treatment systems of the past centuries, traditional knowledge, the latest findings and treatment technologies, which triggers stimulation signals on the outside, which in turn are translated into regeneration impulses inside the Human body.

a real experience | long-lasting effect

“the trip to naturheilzentrum was absolutely worth it. we are impressed by the variety of the products and services offered by the natural healing center and their premises with their sensually experienceable design. we are very moved and impressed by the way the practice team welcomed us and familiarized us with their work. we got suggestions on how to use our senses naturally and are going to integrate that into our group,” danny warschitzka sums up the day in bottrop.

photos: farid zitoun and christian rüger | naturheilzentrum bottrop

source: spike wave e.v.

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


and good connections

the charm and the uniqueness of naturheilzentrum bottrop: short distances, competent employees and specialists as your direct point of contact, personal approachability, eloquence and commitment. convincing reliability, transparency and attentiveness.