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naturheilzentrum filming location and perfect backdrop for a motion picture

nabo-news: the bottrop center for naturopathy becomes a filming location once again and provides the perfect backdrop for a motion picture

exciting days on set during filming at the health hotspot of naturheilzentrum bottrop

these were special days for anja bien, who normally works as a reception & communication assistant at naturheilzentrum bottrop in her everyday life. she recalls the time on the film set as "absolutely thrilling and with completely different tasks to do." a ten-member film crew took over the direction of the rooms at the health center for alternative medicine for a number of days. nabo became a film backdrop. the director, katharina mihm, arrived at the building in bottrop’s picturesque town hall district with actors, assistants and technology.

scenes were filmed at several different settings for "we will sing". the berlin-based director invested five years of research in the movie, and also wrote the screenplay herself. filming has taken place throughout the summer in the ruhr metropolis. an authentic backdrop. this arthouse film production will ultimately be shown in the ruhr area. katharina mihm tells an exciting story. it is about the viennese journalist, leo bernstein (martin visher). he travels to a friend’s wedding in the ruhr area. a car accident and the return of the wolf to germany’s industrial region makes him stay longer than originally planned. the wolf splits opinions in the ruhr. a group of citizens strongly advocates for the life of the animal, while the government, in contrast, wants to prevent it from breeding at all costs.

the bottrop center for naturopathy becomes a film set

in front of the camera at naturheilzentrum - tv prominence in the ruhr area

the low budget production has a strong and prominent cast. jeanne werner and irina potapeko also feature in addition to martin visher. filming has taken place in duisburg, essen, bochum, dinslaken and marl, among other places. a gas station in gladbeck also serves as a film backdrop.

the film crew from berlin and vienna were based at an inn in altenessen during several weeks of shooting. People can sit together in the guild room in the evening and have a meal there. "and that was how the film crew came to talk about naturheilzentrum bottrop, which would make a perfect backdrop for scenes from the script," recalls the assistant director, sandrina koppitz. "and we then quickly re-entered talks with farid zitoun." the naturopath thought that the project was exciting from the very beginning and was equally enthusiastic about leo’s story, the return of the wolf, and the experience that the team has with People. "every single one of them was great," enthuses sandrina koppitz today.  spontaneous, open and immediately ready to help wherever possible - that was how the creators of the film experienced the inhabitants of the ruhr area. including farid zitoun. when katharina mihm was informed about the authentic ambiance of naturheilzentrum bottrop’s premises by sandrina koppitz, her location scout for the film’s production, she was immediately hooked by the intention to use the place as a filming location. "as creative People, we didn’t need to use a great deal of persuasion with farid zitoun. he took us under his helpful but, above all, unbureaucratic wings by making it possible for us to use this health facility for complementary medicine as a filming location and venue for our feature film during the summer months."

naturheilzentrum bottrop – a filming location for a feature film in the ruhr area

special equipment on the bottrop film set

there was a lot to do before the clapperboard could fall on production of this feature film for the first time. consultation rooms at the bottrop naturopathic practice became changing rooms, therapy rooms became props, and treatment rooms became make-up rooms. on occasion, even the furnishings found new functions for the light and sound engineer on site. meanwhile, the director and the assistant director made themselves comfortable on their director chairs during filming. headlights lit the scene in the medical room where leo speaks to a medic about the problems he’s had following his accident. "a lot of changes had to be made during the period of filming to capture a sterile hospital atmosphere," recalls anja bien. treatment beds were relegated to other therapy rooms for the shoot, alternative medical utensils, and much of what normally makes nabo’s atmosphere special found new space for the scenery in the film’s doctor’s office.

actors and the production team experienced a real work-life balance

the nabo team additionally had to take care of the film crew while filming took place during the summer vacation. "it was good that we were on our summer break, otherwise it would not have been possible and i would have had to give up an exciting experience spent between wardrobe, make-up, reception, and a film set." says anja bien. the film’s creators were more than happy about the great backdrop. "for me, naturheilzentrum has been one of my absolute favorites among our filming locations in the ruhr area" says sandrina koppitz firmly. "for performers and filmmakers, it was a new but, above all, a very special experience at this temporary workplace for our film shoot."

september 11 is the last planned day of shooting for the actors, the director, katharina mihm, and her film crew. "we will sing" should be ready by spring 2017 and as a low-budget production will go on a large festival tour. until then, the final touches in terms of visuals, sound and editing must be made. "our aim is, of course, for People to enjoy this movie about the ruhr area and it would be a dream come true if it could make its way into the major movie theaters in germany and neighboring countries such as austria or switzerland," says sandrina koppitz.

exciting days for the television team at the filming location naturheilzentrum bottrop

one thing is certain: anja bien (plus the nabo team, and farid zitoun & christian rüger) will definitely be among the first to follow the tracks of the wolf in the ruhr area together with leo from her cinema seat at the official film premiere at the latest.

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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