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Naturheilpraxis Bottrop: Is there a formula for happiness?

Happiness is often not what we think it is - my house, my car, my boat...

If you listen carefully, you‘ll find numerous phrases on the topic of happiness (Glück) in German linguistic use: "Jeder ist seines Glückes Schmied" (Every man is the architect of his own fortune), "mehr Glück als Verstand" (more luck than sense) "Glück ist das Einzige, was sich verdoppelt, wenn man es teilt" (happiness is the only thing that doubles when it is shared). The German language makes it clear that happiness plays an important role in our culture every day.

But happiness is often so multifaceted that it is not easy to define it in general, and/or for everyone. "Happiness is interpreted differently in every culture," explains the Bottrop-based naturopath and YouTuber, Christian Rüger. "Philosophers were already expounding on the topic of happiness in ancient Greece. According to them, those who were happy led virtuous lives," reveals the health expert.

However, happiness is understood quite differently today. Individuality and prosperity are often cited as the basis for a happy life - at least according to current Forsa surveys. (Source:

Happiness - regardless of material possessions?

Although studies worldwide show that a secure financial situation is very important for well-being and so-called social health (see here:, happiness is much more than just material property.

Reading helps: That is how happiness can be understood

The following "lucky charms" - even if they seem unusual at first glance - have also proven to be essential when it comes to making your life happy and content:

1. Education: Education doesn’t just mean that many professional opportunities will be on offer in life. Even outside of work, education ensures that People will have more interaction options and be much more flexible in choosing their Personal destiny. Education can therefore be an elemental part of the path to happiness, especially since it is not accessible nor a matter of course in all cultures.

nabo practice tip: The health experts, Zitoun & Rüger from the Bottrop Center for Integrative Medicine agree that "reading helps to broaden your horizons". A good book is therefore ideal when it comes to advancing your own education. The same applies to travel: this also expands your own horizons and thus has an influence on your own education.

The naturopaths, Farid Zitoun & Christian Rüger on the subject of the happiness index

2. Touch: Taking another Person's arm, patting them on the shoulder, cuddling them - Human contact is extremely important for your mental and physical well-being. If you want to spread a little happiness, you can simply hug the Person opposite you - and see how good the touch feels!

nabo practice tip: Don’t think about it, just do it! Touching and hugging should be high on the list of priorities, especially in families. Children and adolescents thus learn that they are literally "in good hands": a good qualification to have on the path to adulthood.

Feeling happy #nabomade

3. Goals: People are demonstrably unhappier when they have no goals in life. Creating visions and setting yourself tasks will directly provide mental satisfaction and feelings of happiness. This does not have to be connected to your work, but can also be a task outside of professional boundaries. Looking after someone, doing something good. It all takes strength, but you’ll be rewarded with happiness in return.

nabo practice tip: Whether it’s work or leisure - tasks that need to be completed can be found everywhere. Social engagement is a way for many People to get involved. The same applies to the area of family: there are also numerous opportunities here to do something that will make People’s lives more meaningful.

Happiness often occurs automatically

You can always find space for happiness in your everyday life – and the health and lifestyle bloggers at Bottrop’s naturopathic practice aren’t the only ones to agree on this point. Happiness can be practiced proverbially with the above-mentioned practical tips and suggestions from the Naturheilzentrum Bottrop blog on this topic (see the reading recommendation below). Readers, patients and relatives are in pursuit of happiness! There is also more creative input on the topic of happiness in the latest vlogs on Vimeo and YouTube. The nabo team wishes you lots of luck and, of course, enjoy watching, sharing and implementing!

Freshly blogged - Recommended reading: the naturopath, Farid Zitoun on the courage to take the path to your own happiness

Blog Naturheilzentrum: Farid Zitoun

Farid Zitoun has also mastered a soft way of speaking. In addition to his cheerful nature, he also frequently finds the time to devote himself to serious and thought-provoking topics - such as, for example in the current blog post. The topic of happiness is of great importance at nabo (short for Naturheilzentrum Bottrop). It’s not just patients but also their relatives who often feel that they are down on their luck in difficult periods of their lives. More courage for some and more joie de vivre for others – plus a daily dose of happiness. The naturopath has taken up this cause, among others, and gives an insight into his thoughts on the topic of happiness in the current blog post. Read it here now:

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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