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naturheilzentrum bottrop mit vorbildcharakter

naturheilzentrum bottrop – a health facility with a prototypical character

the ruhr metropolis presents itself as a “bike-active” region in terms of city cycling. residents of bottrop enthusiastically take to the pedals

for tilman christian and carina tamoschus, who work in the specialist field of green issues and the environment, the telephone lines are currently abuzz. the city-cycling coordinator and the climate protection manager in the service of the city of bottrop are in the middle of preparations for this year's edition of the campaign. the cycling event will again take place from may 21 to june 10 in the ruhr area. the city has been participating in the nationwide initiative of the climate alliance in the heart of the ruhr metropolis for years. "we had over 100 registrations in front of us just four weeks before the start," says tilman christian, "even though we hadn’t widely advertised the event at that point in time." city cycling in bottrop is a success…..

 …which is due, in no small part, to the fact that city residents, companies, associations, and amateur athletes alike are enthralled by the idea of actively putting their feet to the pedals in aid of climate protection. they don’t just do this at short notice to put their own city ahead in terms of mileage during the campaign period - thus increasing its regional ranking. they also take part in order to help improve the traffic conditions for cyclists in their city in the long term. "i therefore think it is always important for local politicians to be there during the city-cycling event," says farid zitoun from naturheilzentrum bottrop (“nabo” for short), who is a self-assured city cyclist himself. there were six of them in 2015, and the organizational team hope, once again, that there will be more in 2016. bottrop’s lord mayor bernd tischler will be with the party in any case. "if decision-makers such as our lord mayor himself travel by bike, they will see the problems and development opportunities from a totally different perspective," says tilman christian, addressing one of the climate campaign’s arguments.

the naturopaths zitoun and rüger are aware of their role-model function and are active supporters of the climate protection initiative

the participants are just as important as political support for the success of the campaign. especially the so-called "repeat offenders" among them. tilman christian and his colleagues know this all too well. farid zitoun and christian rüger from naturheilzentrum bottrop are two such “repeat offenders”. for reasons of conviction. they have been active supporters of the climate protection initiative in their city for years. one of the attractive main prizes, which the most active bottrop cyclists are awarded for their participation at the end of the campaign, has been donated by the naturopaths for years. and as active participants, the nabo team has also already cycled several kilometers for their city. from may 21 to june 10, they will get back in the saddle, whenever possible - on the way to work, in their free time, with friends or on their own. whenever it is feasible, the nabos will set their cars aside. instead, their bikes will be put to use. "from our side, it can start right now", says farid zitoun, giving it the green light. "we are ready and are looking forward to seeing the many bottrop cyclists plus our donation actively contribute to its success."

heilpraktiker farid zitoun des naturheilzentrum bottrop weiß um die vorbildfunktion

exercise is healthy and according to the sports index, bottrop lies in the upper midfield with 4.8 hours per week

the motto “fight for climate protection” will apply simultaneously to 14 cities and districts of the ruhr metropolis for almost three weeks. bottrop will enthusiastically take part in the event along with essen, duisburg and oberhausen. for the second time, this will be in close cooperation with the neighboring city of gladbeck. a joint flyer gives information about numerous guided tours in the campaign period. the opening of the city cycling event in the ruhr area will be a real highlight in 2016. on may 21, a big rally will take place. The destination is the “ringlokschuppen” in mülheim where the official opening ceremony will be held for the ruhr metropolis. farid zitoun and cyclists from the nabo team are already impatiently waiting for the campaign to begin. ambition has been roused. the sensational result of the previous year should be topped once again. 433 city cyclists provided a new participation record for 2015. 35 teams took to the pedals during the campaign period, underlining the reputation of the ruhr area as “bike-active” region. and they ensured an impressive overall result: the participants clocked up 164,541 kilometers on their bikes. "thus saving a tremendous 15,053 kilograms of co2," says bottrop’s mayor claus strehl, who is still happy about these figures.

the mayor is also certain that "without the active support of local companies and sponsors, such a result would have been difficult to achieve. a look at the team list of 2015 makes it clear how important their help is." the campaign was successfully advertised within the workforces. and many were motivated to take part. the right decision for the carbon footprint of the city and their own health. claus strehl hopes (as do all other People involved) that the thought of teamwork will attract more circles of People. "because one thing is clear, (city) cycling is more fun when you can do it with others," adds the mayor.

naboteam bloggt zum thema gesundheit nabomade®

nabomade® smoothie tip – it depends on the right recipe

an assertion that is shared in the nabo. the nabo team is actively taking part in the project phase for the third time. "the campaign speaks for for itself," explains the confident city cyclist farid zitoun, referring to not only the positive effects for the environment. as a naturopath and passionate amateur runner, he knows what regular exercise can bring. "cycling is an ideal beginner’s sport - especially for self-proclaimed couch potatoes", the alternative-medicine practitioner says. "the body benefits from any excursion by bicycle, no matter how short" adds his colleague christian rüger from naturheilzentrum bottrop. the metabolism is stimulated and, moreover, activates the fat-burning function. cycling is a gentle endurance sport for the joints, which strengthens the heart and circulatory system. "however, the framework conditions here have to be right too," says farid zitoun. the important thing is the correct sitting position on the bike. "that means that saddle and handlebars should be adjusted to the optimum level. if this is not the case, you will notice this very quickly: one sore posterior and your back will also start to complain. the “hardware" also has to be to be in the right condition in order to be optimally equipped for sporting use of your bike. farid zitoun and christian rüger recommend tasty fresh and vitamin-rich fitness drinks made from fruit and healthy yogurt (for the vegetarians) or with e.g. oat milk (for the vegans). "although it’s best to drink water as a thirst quencher during and after sport  - and plenty of it!"

the banana-buckthorn drink - a vitamin-rich all-rounder. vegetarian or vegan: homemade is best

when it comes to fitness drinks, the nabomade® banana-buckthorn drink ranks high on the list of favorites among the employees at naturheilzentrum. it is not only delicious, but healthy too.

recipe for the banana-buckthorn fitness drink:

  • 1 large ripe banana
  • 250 grams of natural yoghurt (max. 1.5 percent fat)
  • 25 grams of fresh ginger
  • 1 teaspoon of linseed
  • 250 ml of orange juice
  • 10 grams of wheatgerm
  • 150 grams of red berries, frozen raspberries are best
  • 3 tablespoons of full-fruit buckthorn juice (can be found at health-food shops)

stir the ingredients - peel the ginger and banana and cut them into slices - together and blend thoroughly for three minutes.

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


and good connections

the charm and the uniqueness of naturheilzentrum bottrop: short distances, competent employees and specialists as your direct point of contact, personal approachability, eloquence and commitment. convincing reliability, transparency and attentiveness.