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naturheilzentrum bottrop health news: dementia diagnosis - a shock, both for those affected and for their relatives

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the federal ministry of health has the current figures. according to them, 1.6 million People in germany suffer from dementia. over the next few weeks, this subject will become the focus of our blog. we’ll deal with current developments in the treatment, alternative procedures, and the role that animals can play as therapists, among other things.

the topic currently cannot be avoided in the media, simply because it will place demands on society in the coming years. the most common form of dementia is alzheimer's disease. around 60 percent of all dementia patients in the federal republic of germany suffer from a form of alzheimer’s. according to current projections, this number will increase in the coming years. by 2050, 3 million will be affected.

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the diagnosis is often a shock for the patient and his/her relatives. anger, fear, feelings of guilt, and the question, “can i deal with this?” are normal reactions to a situation that is stressful for both sides. future wishes, plans and visions are put in question at a single stroke. traveling together, searching for a new apartment, finally having time for culture, art or sport: is this still possible? what will the future look like?

the patients and their relatives often do not find answers to these questions. external help is frequently needed. in professional circles, dementia is therefore often referred to as a "family illness". empathy is needed from the patients’ relatives, especially regarding matters such as understanding, and nursing competence from the entire family is also required. the memory clinic in basel was opened in 1986 as one of the first of its kind in europe. today, the facility for university-based geriatric medicine at the felix platter hospital ranks among the largest centers for diagnosis and early detection of dementia disorders.

new paths in terms of prevention and treatment

doctors and researchers have been working intensively to find new paths for treatment and prevention. studies examine the everyday lives of patients and their relatives. for many years in basel, People have focused on multidimensional management in support of those affected. medicinal therapies are supplemented by offers of psychosocial support. this also includes intensive support for the relatives.

but science is still in the dark as to what triggers off the disease. there are understood to be multiple causes. dementia is a disease of the brain, a brain disorder. a serious illness that is as yet incurable. "there is an increasing deterioration of various skills as the disease progresses," explains the naturopath farid zitoun from naturheilzentrum bottrop. this can include memory problems, difficulty recognizing People or their surroundings. "but language and attention span may also be affected," says his colleague christian rüger from practice. it seems as if individual pieces of information have been irrevocably deleted. "just like on a hard drive."


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first sign of alzheimer’s – constantly searching for the cellphone

orientation disorders, increasing forgetfulness or problems finding words can be the first signs of dementia. "but also searching for everyday objects such as keys or a cellphone," say zitoun and rüger, speaking from many years of experience in therapeutic work with patients.

the primary-care practitioner is the first point of contact in such cases. "he/she will initiate all other steps if necessary."

the treatment of brain disorders, after a stroke - caused by a craniocerebral injury - or in cases of dementia forms one of the main activities at the complementary medicine center in the ruhr area. farid zitoun and christian rüger supplement the treatment with a special form of aromatherapy. its origin is found in aroma care, the traditional treatment approach of allopathy for dementia patients. memories are awakened in bottrop with fragrances and aromas. "fragrances are not used here in the classic therapeutic sense when caring for patients," explains the naturopath, christian rüger. essential oils do not serve as a cure. rather, they provide stimulus, awakening memories. "experiences that are associated with scents are stored in our long-term memory. they are still retrievable, even decades later."

naturheilzentrum bottrop: expand the limits of alzheimer’s disease - memory therapy as an opportunity?

expand the limits of alzheimer’s disease - memory therapy as an opportunity?

in the best cases, the condition of patients with brain disorders can also be improved via stimulation therapy. chinese scientists have investigated what can be achieved through the stimulation of specific neural pathways and transmitter systems in dementia patients with alzheimer’s. a significant improvement in language skills and emotional status could be detected in the subject group.

"there is still no cure for dementia. it’s therefore all the more important to expand the current limits and explore possibilities. for the patient and his/her relatives," says farid zitoun.

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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