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naturheilzentrum bottrop news: do those who age best have the sporting edge in the bottrop tetrahedron stair run?

for those aged 50+, moderate endurance sport and intense interval training should thwart the aging process in cells and organisms

running a marathon at 65, doing 20 lengths of breaststroke at the age of 70, and then going home – by bike, no less. there is no doubt that those who age best can show us how it’s done. physical and mental fitness, health and agility until old age aren’t witchcraft. a recent study by several research institutions in berlin - including scientists from the humboldt university, the charité, the soep (socio-economic panel), and the max planck institute - shows that the germans’ capabilities are retained significantly longer in old age than they were 20 years ago. the reasons for this are moderate endurance sports and intense interval training, which slow down the aging process of cells and organisms. in the opinions of the scientists involved, greater wellbeing and better physical fitness are the things that characterize the People of today who are ageing best.

annette rinkewitz is a textbook example of someone who is ageing well. a woman in her 60s. fit, athletically ambitious. as an employee of the bottrop-based naturopathic practice, she stands on her own two feet in the prime of life. a woman who likes to go hiking, and undertakes long cycling tours together with her husband. if he does not have the time, she’ll take a walk around the area with the family dog. furthermore, she is a bottrop resident who has already dared to tackle the tetrahedron stair run. with great success. she finished as the best of her age group and has stood at the top of the rostrum.

the tetrahedron run - more steps than those that lead up the empire state building

the running event up to bottrop’s highest landmark will take place again on sunday, september 4th this year, there are also runs of different lengths to choose from. the biggest challenge by far is the ‘extreme empire run’. a stretch of eleven kilometers and a total of 1847 steps await the runners here. incidentally, this is more than the legendary run up the new york empire state building. farid zitoun from naturheilzentrum, one of the two founders of the bottrop health facility for complementary medicine, will also be there.

naturheilzentrum bottrop: the tetrahedron stair run - farid zitoun is delighted to be there

the tetrahedron stair run has been established as a brand for bottrop

dennis bröhl, a member of the team that organizes the tetrahedron run, is pleased with the naturopath’s new, pro-active participation. "it's great that we have him around - both as a runner and as a dedicated promoter of this running event, which has now become known nationwide. you can just feel how closely connected farid zitoun is to his city. when it comes to bottrop, he is immediately prepared to contribute all his potential, and not only in terms of good ideas. as a sportsman with a great affinity for running, farid zitoun knows the kind of effort that is required to establish such an event as a marked date in the city’s calendar." and that is precisely what has been achieved here with the tetrahedron stair run. the support of associations and the domestic economy as well as attractive tenders for the participants have contributed significantly toward this. the event has long been regarded as the embodiment of the greenest city in the ruhr area and its People.

get in top shape by cupping on certain points?

annette rinkewitz has one good tip for her boss and her colleagues on their way to the nabo team’s joint start, high up on the slope of beckstraße, on september 4th. "i Personally swear by cupping," she explains. "just like the swimming star michael phelps does." the circular marks on the american’s shoulder blades were hard to miss at the start of the olympic games in rio. in common with annette rinkewitz from naturheilzentrum bottrop, the athlete trusts in the traditional chinese-medicine therapy process. in sports naturopathy, special glasses are often placed on the back during a cupping massage. with the aid of vacuum pressure, muscle tension, among other things, should be resolved.

naturheilzentrum bottrop currently: those who age best have the sporting edge

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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