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naturheilzentrum bottrop akademie - spring break

supported by naturheilzentrum bottrop, the bottrop-based alternative practitioner, farid zitoun, flies a flag as an ambassador for “his” ruhr area

what farid zitoun does, he does out of pure conviction. he is a passionate naturopath, a professed and proud citizen of the ruhr area and an ambitious sportsman. if it's about his home region, there's no stopping his enthusiasm. “the ruhr area is a rather special place. the People here are just great”, farid zitoun enthuses, “they stick together without hesitation when it comes to achieving something. for their city, their region.” it is therefore unsurprising that the committed bottroper was awarded a very special title last year. delighted by so much passion and dedication to the city of bottrop’s campaign, its mayor, klaus strehl, appointed him as an “honorary foreign minister” of his city.

exercising his function, he beats the publicity drum for the ruhr metropolis and the “pott” wherever he goes. “it's a matter of the heart”, he explains his commitment. the same holds true for the nationwide environmental protection campaign, “city cycling”. farid zitoun and christian rüger have been among the supporters of this campaign for many years now. this year, too, both of them and the entire practice team were active participants of the event and swapped the car seat for the saddle whenever possible. “it’s a great thing that can easily be integrated into everyday life”, his colleague, christian rüger, also reports on his experiences. “and for us, this also is a very well-rounded campaign. because it combines health and environmental protection.”

at the joint closing event, “city cycling 2015” of the cities of bottrop and gladbeck, the “pott” once again presented itself as a bicycle-active region. bottrop's mayor, klaus strehl, could announce the new record number of participants at the saalbau. 433 city cyclists took part in bottrop. 35 teams were pedaling hard throughout the campaign period of 3 weeks and contributed to the impressive total of 164,541 kilometers. “an amazing success”, mayor, klaus strehl, happily said. “because this way, we managed to save a staggering 15,053 kilograms of carbon dioxide.”

farid zitoun, naturheilzentrum bottrop und der bürgermeister klaus strehl im saalbau bottrop

excellent performance of gladbeck's city cyclists towards climate protection

a result which was actively contributed to by farid zitoun and christian rüger as well as naturheilzentrum. farid zitoun explained why to the more than 100 city cyclists and participants in inspirational words. he told the audience that cycling isn't just healthy, “it also clears your head, if you have a stressful job or lifestyle.” those who use the bike do something for their hormone balance, the healer revealed: “amongst other things, cycling releases endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones.” according to him, these are sometimes more effective than pills. “for slight headaches for example, a tour on the bike can provide a better and faster cure than a large number of drugs.”

the passionate ruhr citizen covered quite some mileage as a “city cyclist”. “and i noticed something else, too. when you're on the bike, you get to see a lot more. the beauties our region has to offer strike the eye much easier.” the climate campaign is a matter of the heart for bottrop alternative practitioners, farid zitoun and christian rüger. this year, too, they sponsored one of the main prizes, which of course has to do with health, tillmann christian, climate protection manager at the city of bottrop, told this year’s prize-winner. “you can look forward to it. it will be unforgettable. the feedback we received from last year’s winner of the city cycling event was fantastic.” for the first time, the cities of bottrop and gladbeck joined forces for the planning and organization of the “city cycling” event.

so, on the final evening, it was not only about continuing the bottrop success story. no problem for farid zitoun. he effortlessly managed to integrate the gladbeck city cycling guests into the proceedings. “i love bottrop. this is my home”, he explained. “but gladbeck is also a great city. not just for cycling, but also for jogging.” thanks to his grandparents, he has a strong connection to the neighboring city.

begeistertes publikum im bottroper saalbau bei der rede von farid zitoun

excellent performance of gladbeck's city cyclists towards climate protection

and also the performance of the gladbeckers was far from disappointing. 275 active participants of the city took part. they covered a distance of 55,193 kilometers on their bikes, which translates into 7,547 kilograms of carbon dioxide saved. the climate protection event and naturheilzentrum bottrop - the success story is set to continue in 2016. “no matter what, we will be involved in the event next year as well”, farid zitoun promised the audience at the saalbau. the green light was also given by the two coordinators of the participating cities: for city cycling and the successful event.

the two coordinators, carina tamoschus (department of environment and nature) and her colleague, katrin knur (climate protection management of the city of gladbeck) want to continue expanding and adding to the recipe of success. the event that connects health promotion and environmental protection. innovations catch on. that was clearly visible from the first cycling tour of the mayors this year. 70 participants joined them at the premiere and cycled alongside bottrop’s lord mayor, bernd tischler and gladbeck's mayor, ulrich roland, to hof heid.

farid zitoun certainly doesn't lack good ideas. and thus, the naturopath is fine-tuning a “reward system” for the active cyclists. “it would be nice if you could get your reward card stamped at the baker's, and if, apart from the stamp, you got a coffee or a refreshing drink on top.” this idea has already received a lot of support. “this is yet even more proof that the ruhr area is home to a very special type of People. if something is deemed good, you're in for it as well. that is true for us, for nabo and many others who will surely help to once again make ”city cycling” a record-breaking success next year.

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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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