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therapy for a child in persistent vegetative state now on solid ground

the parents are happy and naturheilzentrum bottrop bows to the supportive commitment.

a concert like a fresh breeze at high sea

everybody wants to help little tom – therapy is financially secured

it is thanks to such a massive wave of helpfulness, that little tom from wittmund – seriously ill after a drowning accident – can continue treatment in the next few years. a huge contribution was the sold-out charity concert of marinemusikkorps nordsee, the military band of the local navy, on tuesday evening. but also many individual donors and companies have contributed to the success.

moving words: wittmund has exemplary characteristics. “here, we really have People who fight for People,” said farid zitoun in his speech.

also noteworthy is little hauke flessner from etzel, who collected about €1,000.00 for tom by selling pictures he painted since march. he sells his “work” for tom at bazars, exhibitions and other events. mayor, rolf claußen, thanked him on tuesday evening, because he was present at the concert, of course.

wittmund's sister city, barleben, which was represented at the concert by a delegation around mayor, franz-ulrich keindorff, is also helping. employees of naturheilzentrum bottrop, where tom is treated, were present, too. the therapist in charge, farid zitoun, said at the city hall: “the treatment, which is based on the combination of the five common acupuncture techniques, is secured for another two years.”

marinemusikkorps nordsee (military band of the local navy) fascinates about 600 listeners in the sold-out city hall.

the charity concert for little tom this thursday evening in the city hall of wittmund was a complete success in every way. the enormous feedback helped secure the therapy for tom. “that is real charity,” said mayor, rolf claußen, who is also president of the wittmund lions club, where the organizational threads came together. excellence was also delivered from a musical perspective. those who came prepared for a maritime evening solely consisting of upbeat march music and shanties were surprised by the variety that marinekorps nordsee, conducted by the energetic and vigorous kaptainleutnant, tobias terhardt, had to offer in the well-filled city hall.

the predominantly young musicians entered the stage which was decorated with sails, ropes and a ship's bell, like a fresh ocean breeze and, upon the ship's bell being sounded, started straight away with the maritime composition “anker gelichtet” (anchor aweigh), that is always used for the entry at troop ceremonies, and which did not fail to bring the audience into the right mood. there was no playbill as kaptainleutnant terhardt did not want to forgo his Personal moderation spiked with entertaining comments on the composers and their work.

anchor aweigh | mayor, rolf claußen, proudly announces “that is true charity”

in the first part, the musicians showed that a military band can also play grand opera. the overture to rossini's “barber of seville” instantly revealed that the orchestra had great soloists on the oboes, flutes and clarinets, although the overall impression of the performance was somewhat narrowed by the lack of the string section. however, marinemusikkorps was able to show its full charisma with the majestic and fanfare-laden “königsmarsch” (king's march) by richard strauss, writing it and premiering it in berlin in service to german emperor, wilhelm ii. the biblical fight between david and goliath, that tokyo-born composer and wind ensemble conductor, hayato hirose (*1974), intended to express in three musical pieces was spectacularly interpreted in the piece “glory of david” by the military band, which was able to express its full verve, ranging from mystical andante to allegro maestoso. the theatrical music of london-based philipp spark, who is deemed one of the best contemporary composers for wind orchestras of the past two decades, it turned out to be equally suitably composed for a classic military band. with the first piece sounding clownish, playful and slightly wafting, accompanied with bells, the dynamically reserved, yet ever lyrical and dancingly treading andante made the transition into the allegro of the third piece with a fulminant beat of the drum. here, too, solo oboist bootsmann, britta grebe, was able to demonstrate her talent and also empathically took over the instrumental performance of the vocal part in the medley based on “my fair lady” and songs such as “ich hätt getanzt heut nacht” or “es grünt so grün”, which again was preceded by entertaining introductory words.

on the highest level                       

the musicians of marinemusikkorps were at their best in the second part, when a medley from soul-pop-funk band “earth, wind and fire” (formed in 1969) including songs such as “in the stone”, and the smash hit “september” was on the musical menu. totally infecting the audience, the strengths of the orchestra really shone on the highest level and the fun that the musicians had performing on stage was reflected in the audience, as they played, that got up from their seats to vibrantly clap and sing along, at the latest, when the medley “kapt'n james” in the “happy sound” by james last was played.

region brings back the wittmund boy's smile

the evening was topped off with the ten-minute encore “auf großer fahrt”, which had only recently been added to the program of marinemusikkorps and which was premiered for the wittmunders at this event. two singers animated the audience to sing and sway along to the music in the style of hans albers and freddy quinn, which transformed the city hall into a firework of cheerfulness.

mayor claußen did not want to let the musicians leave until they agreed to one more advent encore. so, in a choral setting, the military band intonated the advent song (christmas carol) “macht hoch die tür, die tor macht weit”, to which the audience was able to loudly sing along before thanking the musicians with seemingly endless standing ovations.

anzeiger für harlingerland - ostfriesisches tageblatt (local newspaper)
am markt 18
26409 wittmund | niedersachsen

picture (anzeiger für harlingerland) | marine musikkorps nordsee in the wittmund city hall


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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


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