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six vacation tips - healthy and regional

naturheilzentrum: lifestyle & gesundheit - a summer feeling made in bottrop

nabo news: six tips for a relaxing vacation in the ruhr area

traditions and recurring rituals are important to People. whether it’s regular family visits, brushing your teeth in the morning, or doing your annual tax returns - recurring activities determine our everyday life. fixed rules provide you with stability and security in this process. a key cabinet or a specific place to store eyeglasses will save the owner from unnecessary and annoying searches.

annual leave is also a recurring ritual for many People. some of us travel on all-inclusive hotel vacations in summer, while others travel around the world with a camper van or tent. for those who are staying at home, the bottrop-based naturopaths and youtubers, farid zitoun & christian rüger have put together some useful vacation tips in their current vlog:

„gesund im sommer mit #nabomade (healthy in summer with #nabomade)



more than a trend: a staycation instead of a vacation

many People stay in their home region when they have a few days off. this usually has a lot to offer too. every town possesses smaller or larger sights, particularly in germany. even those who have traveled around their own neighborhood for decades will only get to know all the special features if they expend a great deal of time.

this is why germany is enjoying ever increasing popularity - among tourists from all over the world as well as among the germans themselves. more than a quarter of germans are planning a vacation in their own country for 2018, as the ‘stiftung für zukunftsfragen’ (foundation for future issues) discovered in their tourism analysis

vacations at home: more than just a trend

sustainable recreation for everyone

ever since it was founded, nabo (short for naturheilzentrum bottrop) has also closed its doors for a break during the summer months. the vacation plans also vary a great deal for the directors of the institute, farid zitoun and christian rüger, and their team. one colleague will be traveling far away, while another  will remain nearby. the travel interests are different, but the goals are the same for everyone: relaxation, distraction from everyday life, and relaxing new experiences. "it doesn’t matter how long your vacation lasts," says christian rüger. "in principle, the body needs time to relax every day. studies have shown that someone who consistently works for more than eight hours is more likely to get sick. it is therefore healthier to regularly take breaks from work than it is to take your annual leave only once a year."

whether it’s current trends such as cow cuddling and forest bathing or important news from the health care sector such as the brine baths, nabo is a helpful source of information for everyday life and worth a (virtual) trip. exciting health and lifestyle tips can be found on the website and the various social media accounts of the center for integrative medicine.

nabomade cow cuddling - vacation tip from the naturopathic practice

we have put together some worthwhile excursion destinations in naturheilzentrum bottrop’s hometown for patients, friends and readers of the nabo news, who want to stay in this region or visit bottrop this year:

1.) the mathematical construction

the bottrop tetrahedron forms an exciting landmark as part of the industrial-culture route. it was designed by the architect, wolfgang christ and has been in existence since 1995. the steel structure weighs over 200 tons and is an impressive sight, especially at night, when it is lit up. despite its weight, it appears as though it were floating.

you should have a head for heights if you want to climb up to the three viewing platforms at up to 38 meters. however, the view over the ruhr area and the industrial and mining facilities of the ‘halde haniel’ stockpile is well worth the effort. there are 378 steps to traverse here!

nabo or in short: naturally bottrop

incidentally, nabo filmed its #nabomade ice bucket challenge on the tetrahedron. that was really something special and is one of our most watched videos, with almost 4,000 clicks to date. you’re welcome to take a look:

2.) religious heights

halde haniel, the highest, permanently accessible part of the ruhr area, is worth a visit. it is located on the outskirts of bottrop and oberhausen, on the edge of the kölln forest. here you can hike to the highest artificial point of the city of bottrop.

at 185 meters above sea level, you can admire the totems or the wind comb by the sculptor, agustín ibarrola. 105 colorfully designed railroad ties adorn the ridge of the stockpile and invite mystical thoughts about the relationship between nature and industry.

tucked behind it is the ‘bergarena’, an amphitheater whose special acoustics and wind lull are also worth the climb. this is best accomplished via the not-so-steep winding roads. a crossroads with 15 stops promises a constant variety of views and perspectives.

local recreation in the heart of the region

3.) fly instead of hike?

just lift off at 280 km/h? no problem in the wind tunnel of bottop’s indoor skydiving center. here, interested parties can experience the feeling of a parachute jump and complete their flight diploma in 90 minutes. and do all this from the age of four!

4.) drive instead of fly?

the ninja turtles driving school is located in the movie park. you can spend a long day here with action rides, carousels or shows - with or without children. take enough change with you. every attraction has its own shop and the various merchandising products are tempting.

5.) enjoy and understand nature

those who prefer a leisurely trip into the wilderness of nature, will have come to the right place at the kirchheller heide. about 100 km of cycling and hiking trails meander through the heath and moors between kirchhellen and grafenwald in bottrop. there are grill (barbecue) areas and playgrounds in the waldkompetenzzentrum heidhof (recreation center).

naturally bottrop: a completely different sleeping experience

6.) good night!

you deserve a good rest at the end of long vacation days. how about free overnight stays in bottrop’s ‘bernepark’? the rooms of the park hotel are converted canal pipes. rather simple on the outside, but cozy and comfortable with everything that you would know from a normal hotel on the inside. the price is just as unusual as the hotel. because in the bernepark, it says "pay as you wish" - everyone leaves what he/she considers appropriate or what he/she can afford in the paybox.

these vacation tips in the nabo news from bottrop’s naturopathic practice will certainly inspire one or two People to go on an outing in the ruhr metropolis. the whole nabo team wishes you a healthy vacation, a good time, and lots of happiness!!


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*important note: till now, the statements met here concerning the effect and the interdependencies of the therapies and means are not accepted generally among scientific experts,particularly the orthodox medicine.


and good connections

the charm and the uniqueness of naturheilzentrum bottrop: short distances, competent employees and specialists as your direct point of contact, personal approachability, eloquence and commitment. convincing reliability, transparency and attentiveness.