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modern health trends, health & lifestyle, fitness and nabomade® naturopathy. always keep up-to-date with the nabo newsletter, which includes many health tips, recipe ideas, reports on experiences, current appointments and exciting news from naturheilzentrum bottrop. the newsletter from the alternative medical healthcare facility appears four times a year with tips for a relaxing vacation in summer, for sporting activities, on how to increase the body’s defenses in winter as well as on the use of home remedies. in addition, the newsletter offers small thought-provoking ideas to facilitate everyday life or various recipes for nutritious smoothies. because our motto here is: prevention before rehabilitation. benefit from the wealth of experience that the complementary-medicine practitioners possess, and register for the newsletter. get up-to-date information on lifestyle, diet or events. health news, updates and trends at a glance - compact as well as convenient.


along with these lines, we have gathered together some cozy, comforting, clarifying, welcoming, giftable and, of course, healthy information for you. whether it's an insight into our everyday practice, a few thoughts on the crazy world of the internet, health tips from our blog and youtube channel or some advice on gift vouchers – we’ll spoil you with our knowledge and we’re delighted to be able to conjure up a smile on your faces.

summer is here. according to the calendar, this has been the case on our side of the globe since june 21st. we have already got to know summer 2017. we have experienced its strength, felt the sunrays on our skin. it has showered us with gifts, but on the other hand, it has sometimes made us sweat. with heavenly balmy evenings and starlit nights. time to relax and recharge your batteries. just breathe deeply once again. summer - which is always something special, year after year. the first dip in the lake, the immersion into refreshing coolness, a completely different world. summer smells of roses, oleanders and lemons. and it presents us with special colors. clear light, green meadows, brightness and warmth, and thus effectively provides us with a wonderful guide to happiness. delivered to your door and completely without a prescription.

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‘health and lifestyle to go’ from bottrop’s naturopathic practice. for more than two decades, the naturopaths and youtube bloggers farid zitoun and christian rüger have represented the alternative medicine of tomorrow with their modern approach. their openness toward naturopathy that developed in the 21st century polarizes some. yet, at the same time, it shows that tradition and progress are not mutually exclusive, but rather, complement each other. added value that doesn’t just result in benefits such as feeling good.