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modern health trends, health & lifestyle, fitness and nabomade® naturopathy. always keep up-to-date with the nabo newsletter, which includes many health tips, recipe ideas, reports on experiences, current appointments and exciting news from naturheilzentrum bottrop. the newsletter from the alternative medical healthcare facility appears four times a year with tips for a relaxing vacation in summer, for sporting activities, on how to increase the body’s defenses in winter as well as on the use of home remedies. in addition, the newsletter offers small thought-provoking ideas to facilitate everyday life or various recipes for nutritious smoothies. because our motto here is: prevention before rehabilitation. benefit from the wealth of experience that the complementary-medicine practitioners possess, and register for the newsletter. get up-to-date information on lifestyle, diet or events. health news, updates and trends at a glance - compact as well as convenient.


overcome boundaries. discover new possibilities. manage daily tasks with courage and joie de vivre. face others with wisdom, calmness and patience. contribute reason and passion. make harmony and intuition your constant companion.

summer, a time of plenitude, colors and scents. it leads us to interesting places, brings new strength and energy. soak up the sun. let the warmth flow into your heart and skin. it's the right time to open oneself. now is the time for yourself. it's time for me-time.

bottrop – for the 5th time now, bottrop, being innovation city and the greenest city of the ruhr region, presents the bottrop health day. naturheilzentrum bottrop (nabo), one of the biggest natural healing centers in europe, is once again the main sponsor of the event.