Alternative practitioner

A recognized profession

The naturopathic profession has become more and more important in recent decades. It is distinguished in particular by the fact that the patients are treated with individually-selected natural remedies. These healing methods are characterized by a very demanding ethical standard and combine both traditionally-proven as well as current practices in the field of experience-based alternative medicine. Approved alternative practitioners meet the highest qualification requirements and fulfill stringent legal regulations.

A demanding training program

The training for alternative practitioners is offered almost exclusively by accredited training centers. Candidates aspiring to become alternative practitioners should at least go through several years of training, both to meet the state-defined and legally-defined testing requirements for graduation, as well as complete a training on specific naturopathic and holistic, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Alternative practitioners must also meet certain requirements on an ethical and moral level in order to practice as therapists. A good knowledge of Human nature and a high degree of empathy are an advantage for the conscientious and successful practice of this profession. Thus, in addition to the technical training of the students, value is placed on the shaping of social skills. The reason for this is that every practicing naturopath is a special confidant for his or her patients. This foundation of trust between the healer and the patient must come first.

Influencing health positively with sounds

Continuous training as a top priority

Even after successful professional training, the learning process is not over for naturopaths. Regular further training and lifelong learning are essential and even mandatory in order to work long-term and responsibly as an alternative practitioner. This is the only way that the latest findings from ongoing medical research and naturopathy can be incorporated into the treatment. Naturheilzentrum Bottrop also excels at this level: on a regular basis, Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger share their profound knowledge in high-quality education and training seminars: for the enrichment of colleagues and students in their field and to the sustainable benefit of patients.

Internal identification code: HP | nabo | WS

In this service-oriented position you will report directly to the management and actively support various organizational and therapeutic tasks as one of our ambassadors.

Your performance

The day starts with a friendly “good morning and welcome!” – because each contact starts and ends with your smile, of course. You will lovingly care for the individual needs of our patients and promote a healing environment through your honest and service-oriented nature.

Your skills

You are a broad-based, experienced all-rounder as an alternative practitioner. You have a dexterous, confident appearance / approach and, with your courteous and excellent manners, you create a positive and lasting impression. A good dose of empathy lies within your blood. With great professionalism, enthusiasm and a sympathetic voice, you will take care of the needs of our international patients, answer their calls and questions. Human proximity is reflected in your education – in the field of medicine, naturopathy or other career paths.

As a strong and open communicator, you are happy to take on responsibility, and you are completely reliable. In any case, you should be multi-tasker and a team player. English or French language skills are an advantage for your new job. Do you meet all these requirements? Then Naturheilzentrum Bottrop offers you the opportunity to actively participate in the visions and the future of the nabo team.

What can you expect from nabo?

Working at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop offers you an innovative and professional institution with a particularly good reputation, and it provides you with a secure place of work, as well as:

  • Opportunities for Personal fulfilment
  • A broad range of development opportunities
  • A technologically advanced and comfort-oriented work environment

Are you as enthusiastic about the prospects of this job offer as the nabo team? Then please send us your detailed, written and complete application with a photo, stating your realistic salary expectations and proof of your previous qualifications by post (not by e-mail). Applications by other means will not be considered. Please refrain from making telephone inquiries.

Alternative practitioner

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