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Competence around the eye

Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger are excellent pioneers and outstanding Personalities in the field of eye acupuncture. They combine the strength from more than two decades of global experience. They have exchanged their knowledge with luminaries of the art of healing on study and lecture tours worldwide and integrate their extensive insights into their innovative methods. In the field of eye acupuncture, the two nabo founders have broken down barriers and walked along new paths.

Thus, they have acquired a reputation as masters and developers of this new, yet promising healing method. Today’s eye acupuncture stands for the possibility to be able to make life tangible with all senses again. Perceiving the environment again, regaining independence or even taking part in traffic more safely; these points form the focus of this treatment method. It’s an extraordinary, as well as a minimally invasive therapy and a treatment alternative. This modern procedure meets the highest requirements and quite often achieves considerable effects by means of little pinpricks.

Eye acupuncture in the nabo

Different, because it’s naturally good

Eye acupuncture dates back to initial examinations and treatments in Southeast Asia, which were later continued by two Danes and introduced in Germany for the first time in 1966. Specific acupuncture points, which are supposed to trigger several internal self-healing processes within the body, are combined with each other. This is a gentle therapy form, and it may be a useful and very positive supplement to conventional eye treatment, or it may even go far beyond it.

During the treatment, acupuncture needles are applied on the hands, knees and feet in so-called “local points”, as well as around the eye. Patients sometimes sense the so-called “De-Qi feeling”, which describes the energy release through the needles. At best, chronic eye diseases can be treated and consequences alleviated.

Quite often, possible applications are diverse and it is assumed that eye afflictions such as age-related defective eye sight, dry eyes, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa (pigmentary retinopathy), glaucoma, cataract at an early stage, short-sightedness (myopia) at an early stage in life, eye inflammations, and many more are among the indications.


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Sophisticated service portfolio with a healing, effective approach

Eye acupuncture at Naturheilzentrum Bottrop is based on experience and research of different users in eastern and western countries, beyond traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), i.e. Also on other systems such as ECIWOSu-Jok, NPSO according to Siener, as well as the special micro system Nabomed® from the institution in Bottrop itself.

According to the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, the eyes play an outstanding role. For example, internal and external meridians connect the eyes with all functional circles and their emotions: anger (functional circle: liver), rumination (functional circle: spleen), fear (functional circle: kidney). Thanks to highly sophisticated state-of-the-art instruments and test procedures of modern ophthalmology, it is nowadays possible to track and describe numerous physiological processes, in order to gain a better understanding of diseases: new opportunities for holistic and natural healing.

Eye acupuncture in the nabo

Global networking on the highest level

Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger pass on their knowledge in valuable training seminars, both internationally and in Germany. Being one of the most important naturopathic outpatient clinics and pioneers, Naturheilzentrum Bottrop also assumes special responsibility in this field. The two healers of nabo train colleagues and students and also qualify them. In this way, they set new training standards for physicians, healers and other specialists, something patients and relatives can also benefit from, of course, or – in short – all People who contact nabo in confidence.

Presbyopia, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, retina diseases, short-sightedness in children and teenagers up to the age of 20, even a loss of eyesight caused by brain compression or blood clots are among the most frequently and successfully treated eye afflictions by means of acupuncture. Meanwhile, Christian Rüger and Farid Zitoun (Naturheilzentrum Bottrop) – the pioneers of eye acupuncture in Germany - have trained physicians and healers from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland in this innovative type of therapy.
Excerpt from the TV program ”Nano” on the “3-sat” TV channel.
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