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Base for each therapy

Diseases, especially chronic ones, change People. They often reduce their quality of life and future prospects. This is where Naturheilzentrum Bottrop starts: with in-depth knowledge, concentrated competence and an unbiased, open look. This allows those concerned to identify alternatives, gain future perspectives and regain confidence.

Puzzle the pieces together

Based on years of experience, together with enormous expertise and lived intuition, the nabo team begins where conventional medicine has reached its limits. For a reliable diagnosis, a wide range of different, holistic investigative approaches is used: from eye diagnosis to laboratory and clinical diagnosis up to a full-body scan. For the appropriate therapy, the uniqueness of every patient and his illness is taken into account.

Where conventional medicine is no longer effective, complementary medicine, with its very different perspective, is often able to open unimagined possibilities, and it not only supports allopathy but elaborates it beyond expectations. It is all about the People in their entirety, in body and mind, and bringing them back into balance, to activate their self-healing and strengthen resources. This way, People can rediscover the joy of life in the long term.

In recent years, a clear trend has developed towards holistic medicine in diagnostics. This development is driven not only by highly qualified research groups, but particularly by the needs and desires of a vast majority of patients. The understanding of conventional medicine, which primarily emphasizes physiology, is enriched by the view of naturopathy on People in their physical and spiritual totality. Allopathy where necessary, and complementary medicine where possible. This not only provides an increased value for the practitioners of both disciplines, but especially for the patients. As a result, alternative healing methods are moving more into the focus of awareness.

Taking time – a valuable asset

Naturheilzentrum Bottrop generally sees itself as a place of deceleration: time pressure, which is now part of everyday life in many practices, is unheard of here. Farid Zitoun and Christian Rüger treat their patients with the utmost loving care in order to meet the individual demands of each patient’s needs and to make the correct diagnosis.

Because the nabo founders see it as an important part of diagnosis and therapy, dealing with their patients with all the necessary peace and intensity and thus allowing and even guaranteeing their patients’ “arrival”. Each customized therapy is preceded by a detailed initial examination.

The two alternative practitioners spend a lot of time on the in-depth research, diagnosis and talks with the patients and relatives. “This is another feature of our institution. We explicitly relate, not only to the patient, but also to the entire family and beyond, including nurses and doctors”, says Christian Rüger.

“This is the holistic therapy, which nabo practices and lives. An approach that is so important and yet far too often neglected and underestimated in this form. Only so, can such a comprehensive, profound and successful treatment environment be provided.”

The diagnosis at the Naturheilzentrum Bottrop
Patient at the Naturopathic Centre Bottrop

Alternatives as a perspective

“Many People do not want to give in to their fate without a fight and look for alternative routes. They want to gain new perspectives and break boundaries to gain a new quality of life, step by step”, explains Christian Rüger. Some patients, who come to Naturheilzentrum Bottrop, have long periods of doubt and resignation behind them. But at nabo one can often see the reason for a new beginning: “The diagnosis of ‘incurable’ is not final for us. Experience shows that it often pays not to give up, but to keep on going. We see it time and time again”, adds Rüger’s friend and colleague, Farid Zitoun.

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